Staying fit is a must for most of us, but what about our hair getting messed up?

A lot of times we get these questions and concerns from fellow curlies:

"You know l would work out more but I can’t go to work with my head looking a mess."

"How do I keep my blowout straight while I sweat?"

"I don’t want my hair to smell bad."

I wish there was a simple answer to keeping your hair sweat-free, your rod set in tact, and your silk press straight and bouncy, but there isn't one. Summyr Sheppard, certified personal trainer and health coach, chimed in on what she does to keep her hair and body looking great.

Preparation is key. No plan = busted hair.

If you know you sweat like the Atlantic Ocean, save that blowout for a special occasion, or get a sew-in. Also know that prior to getting a sew-in, your scalp will need to be cleansed and properly dried quite often. When sweat gets trapped in those braids you inviting bacteria in; not to mention, your stylist has to wear a mask, have a few cans of air freshener, and incense to take down your 10 week style. You tried it. “In order to maintain your hair post workout there are a few tips you should follow pre workout," Summyr says.

  1. Your scarf is always an essential wear during your workout to help maintain your your style. But, if by chance you forget your scarf and you still want a fresh wash-and-go look with laid edges, carry a light gel. Take a small amount in your hands and rub on the front of your hair. Proceed to sculpt out some edges or leave as is -- your choice!
  2. Pull curls up in a pineapple and tie a scarf around your edges.
  3. Let your hair fully dry before taking the scarf off.
  4. Once they dry completely, your edges should still be laid for the gods.
  5. Take down your pineapple, shake it out, apply an oil of your choice to add back some moisture and shine.
  6. Twist your hair into one big bun slight leaving the ends out as another option.
  7. Secure your hair with a scrunchie so it doesn't leave a harsh crease.
  8. Tie a scarf around your edges again.
  9. Let it fully dry after the workout.

Now your hair may be stretched quite a bit, but this is a good thing!

“In some cases you may need to dampen the hair and apply a small amount of styler that was used previously all over hair to give it a more refreshed look," says Summyr. "A great refresher product is Bounce Curl Light Crème Gel, then add a small amount of oil like Moisture Love Seal With a Kiss Finishing Oil, for added moisture and shine.”

To sum it up

Never neglect your workout for your hair, your curliest will definitely bounce back into place if you follow these tips!

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