For those of us who are fashion junkies, it's hard to shelf the boyfriend blazer, or oversized sweater in turn for something more traditionally girly and feminine, but in the event of a first date there are completely different fashion rules. I have learned that when we fierce females get dressed for a night out with a new guy or even a current flame, sometimes we are dressing for the other women we will see out and about instead of the men we're hoping to impress. When we get dressed in our most fashion-forward pieces, sometimes we are sabotaging ourselves by sending the wrong signals to men. So for a date night, stash those androgynous tops and engulfing sweaters for something a little more body-hugging. Here are my 3 fool-proof picks:

Forever 21 Metalic Banded Dress

This Forever 21 Metallic Banded Dress from Forever 21 is not only affordable, but sends all of the right messages: flirty, fun, feminine. Buy Here.

Express Ruffled-Front Belt Dress

The "Day Date" confuses me on what to wear, but I found this perfect day-time dress that will go well with any lunch/movie/museum hopping that may arise. Buy Here.

Express Lace Racerback Top

This lace tank is the perfect amount of edge and frill for a night out with a new guy. Match this with black skinny jeans and you are ready for that concert. Buy Here.