Finding the perfect curly haircut for your boys can seem like a minefield to parents but curls can be super versatile and achieve all sorts of trends! Whether your child wants to grow out their curls, coils and waves or keep them short and low maintenance, we have a range of curly boys haircut ideas to help you to decide!


Photo: @redheadmaxx

1. Frohawk with a temple fade. 

We kick off with a statement cut. The frohawk allows curls to grow freely on top but gives your little boy the freedom of not worrying about it in his face by keeping the sides short with a fade at the temple.

Photo: @leauvey_gregorio

2. Long Loose Curls

This cut for medium to long curly hair is great for looser ringlets. Ask for chin length all over with some shorter face-framing tendrils for bangs.

Photo: @stellaandblaise

3. Full Natural Afro

Let those natural coils shine in a full afro. This is gorgeous for young children and allows them to feel proud of their curls. Ask for a cut with the same length hair all over.

Photo: CoolMensHair

4. Side-parted Curls

In this cut, coily hair is trimmed short and uniform with shorter sides. A short but distinct parting enhances the volume of the top and creates a neat and on-trend look.

5. Rainbow Frohawk

The ultimate statement haircut for confident kids! This curly rainbow frohawk is a mix of an ultra-cool cut and a full-range of colors. Great for festivals, summer time, parties or just for having fun!

Photo: hairshepherd

6. Buzzfade or High Fade and Undercut

Textured hair is the best type for a buzzfade which can look uber-cute on little kids and super-cool on older boys. The top layer can be tightly curls or it works with looser waves.

Photo: Getty Images

7. Short Afro

This style requires in relatively low upkeep and is perfect for active boys who don’t want to worry about their hair. It suits all types of coily hair.

Photo: @alan_beak

8. Curly Undercut

This cut is practical and edgy at the same time. The longer waves on top soften the very short undercut.

Photo: thetrendspotter

9. Afro with Line-up and Temple Fade

Rocking their natural hair is important for curly kids but if they want to give it a little edge, a sharp line-up and temple fade can do just that. Ask your stylist for a distinct line with sharp angles cut into your hair, which can highlight the eyes. This cut will require more maintenance to keep the line-up sharp.

Photo: thetrendspotter

10. Wavy Caesar

The Caesar cut is created by cutting the same hair length all around the head with a blunt fringe. It can work on short curls or with a longer length all-over or simply a longer fringe. The Wavy Caesar is fantastic because the cut can be done on tight curls and loose waves.