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While the curls on our heads don’t differ between the sexes, there are some curly hair tips for our guys who are in search of a way to style their next haircut. NaturallyCurly spoke with stylists who have experience cutting men’s hair about their favorite haircuts for guys.

1.  Curly n’ Chic Cut


Curly n’ Chic Cut

Stylist: Christo, Global Artistic Director of Christo Fifth Avenue & Curlisto Systems

Christo: Rather than a shave, this style should only be cut with scissors while using the Diametrix Cutting Technique method in order to texturize the natural waves to sit nicely. If your hair is on the thicker side, ask your stylist to shape it accordingly to your face frame, with some layers to intertwine the curls into each other and reduce weight. To maintain this style daily, use a nickel-size dab of Curlisto Structura Lotion PLUS and comb a fingertip’s worth of Unruly Paste + and lightly scrunch throughout the hair. Unruly Paste + is also your go-to product for second- and third-day hair.

Who does this look best on?

This cut and style work best on medium to longer length hair.

2."Fresh Prince" Cut

Stylist: Minnie Little from Mint for Beauty Salon

Minnie: Inspired by the popular 90s cut that Will Smith rocked on the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” Austin stylist Minne does this cut often with one of her clients. With the surge in bringing the 90s back, especially among millennials and Gen Z, hairstyles are also thrown into that mix — and natural guys seem to really enjoy rocking it.

Who does this look best on?

Will Smith’s curls are on the coily end of the spectrum, so we suggest trying out this cut on type 4 hair.

3. The Contemporary Fro



Stylist:Shai Amiel, Owner of Capella Salon

Shai: Chuli is all about his hair. He loves having a unique look. He wanted it to be versatile for his career so he can wear it either clean or messy. I gave him a clean outline but added random ringlets to give him the option of wearing it a little funkier too. I wanted it to have a lot of body so I cut the top short to match his shorter fringe. I outlined his face with shorter curls all over to create more movement.

Who does this look best on?

This is great for men who want a unique look that will make a statement!

4. The ‘Short Fade’ Cut

Stylist: Minnie Little from Mint for Beauty Salon

Minnie: For those with softer and wavier curl patterns, Minnie says she’s known for her short fades and adding bend and textures to even the straightest of hair. Short fades are also very popular haircuts — celebrities like Zayn Malik, David Beckham, and Justin Timberlake have rocked this look.

Who does this look best on?

This look can range across all hair types! Plus, this haircut is very popular and a go-to for many stylists who cut men’s hair.

5.  Natural Slept In & Layered



Stylist: Annette Norwood, Owner & Stylist at Posh Salon & Color Bar

Annette: A longer top enhances the elongated curl formation to achieve texture and allow each curl to present itself. Allowing a not-so-sculpted perimeter gives this haircut some longevity between cuts.  

Who does this look best on?

I would recommend this haircut for everyone from college students who go longer between cuts to the professional man who isn’t afraid to show off his locks!

This tapered cut with a layered top can definitely translate beautifully on different hair types, lengths, and curl patterns. I believe finding a great hair stylist who understands how to approach curly hair is just as important as finding the right cut.

6. ‘Dreaded’ Cut

Stylist: Minnie Little from Mint for Beauty Salon

Minnie: The name sounds daunting, but yes — even those with locs can rock a haircut. When done by a professional stylist, styling locs with a nice haircut can make you stand out from the crowd. This past year, Michael B. Jordan’s character in Black Panther, KillMonger, rocked the famous look that had those with dreads copying the iconic look.

Who does this look best on?

This haircut obviously looks best on those who have locs! Make sure to consult a stylist for this kind of cut, because it can be tricky to maneuver.

7. Young Business

hair dude 2


Stylist: Terry Whiddon, Salon Owner & Stylist at Salon Purple

Terry: Micah is a college professor, so he wanted something easy and stylish. This cut was done using “The Open Curl System,” which is done by using convex and concave layering, forgoing the standard 90 and 45-degree angles. Traditional guides were not used since I used his head shape to create the final look. 

Who does this look best on?

This cut would look great on any young professional with a slight amount of length that wants to be stylish and fun.

8.  The Shag


Stylist: Shai Amiel, Owner of Capella Salon 

Shai: Daniel is an artist and wanted to keep his length. We decided to create a look that can be worn clean and shiny or messy and fluffy. Men love having haircuts that can be worn for different occasions and have a different feel. I kept the outline heavy, but released all the bulk on the interior of the head. This allows the hair to have a lot of movement. It will look great on day one and even better by day four because the shapes will allow the hair to expand and have the frizz give it a different feel.

9.  The ‘Jon Snow’ haircut

Ru MensCut-Neel-Higher-Quality-10


Stylist: Neel Morley, Owner & Stylist at Neel Loves Curls

Neel: Thanks to Game of Thrones, we have seen a huge jump in men visiting for custom curl cuts. Jon Snow is one of the main characters in the TV series and has slightly disheveled, mid-length curls.

The cut has to be just right for this guest’s curls as too much weight and length at the bottom can create the dreaded triangle look. These men generally want a low-fuss look. During the day he can have his hair tied up, but likes to wear it down for the weekends. As everyone knows, curls bring you a lot of attention (even if you may not always want it).

Who does this look best on?

2A, 2B, 3A and 3B curl types work really well with this look.

10. Big & Layered

aU MensCut9-650px488px


Stylist: Anthony Dickey, Owner and stylist at Hair Rules Salon

Anthony: I did this layered cut on Warner to give him as much volume as possible. He’s growing his hair out and loves it big. First, we washed it with Hair Rules Cleansing Cream to clean and detangle. Then, we conditioned with Hair Rules Quench Conditioner to further soften and elongate coils.

Next, we blew it out with a blow dryer and comb attachment using Hair Rules Nourishment Leave-In Moisturizer. After the strands and split ends were prepped, we carefully combed and cut for an accurate shape. He’ll come back in three months and repeat!

Who does this look best on?

This looks great on someone with enough natural volume to keep the layers high. However, it’s versatile and can be used on many different hair types, but will look a little different each time.

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