faux flat twistsThe finished look.

If there is one style that will always remain in the arsenal of most curlies, it is the pony puff. It’s the quick and easy way to pull your hair up and be cute and girly, chic and stylish or professional with a few tweaks and accessory changes. So if you find yourself in a pony puff rut and want to change it up or want to go from day to night effortlessly then read on for this quick and easy tutorial that is a new take on the traditional flat twists that even the most hairstyling-challenged curly can do.

Faux Flat Twists

  1. Grab your rat tail comb and separate a section of hair at the front of your head by parting from ear to ear.
  2. Again using your rat tail comb, section a column of hair by making two parts and ensure that you secure the rest of your hair back so that it does not get in the way.
  3. Add a styling product of choice to the parted section for hold (I used gel”>.
  4. To form the faux flat twist, hold the parted section of hair and pull it back gently then begin to twist it so it forms a coil. Ensure that you pull the section back while twisting and that you do not hold it straight up.
  5. Once it has been twisted, lower the twisted hair so it lays flush against your scalp then secure it with a small clip and there you have it, a faux flat twist.

Final Thoughts

To vary this style, sometimes I like to create bantu knots to secure my twisted section. I do this by twisting the hair till the very end then wrapping the hair around the base of itself until it forms a bump.

Hope this helps and if you try this style, let me know by commenting below. Did this quick style help you change up your look?

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