Lisa Michelle with a double hair comb

We know the fun styles that can be created using simple hair combs as a tool of choice. But hair combs have a super cool cousin too! I was introduced to the double hair comb last year by my favorite natural hair stylist. She was able to quickly transition through several quick and easy hair styles using this handy accessory and each and every look was fabulous! I remembered seeing them before but never knew how to use one until this demonstration. I knew then I HAD to have one! I’ve been able to create several fly styles with this accessory, but probably none better than my most recent style. I’ll call it the Crowning Swoop just because of the way my hair sits on top of my head…with a swoop of course!

The Crowning Swoop

I started with twists that turned into a bantu knot out that I wore during the day to work. My shine and definition was achieved using a bit of Blended Beauty Natural Hair Oil to finger detangle, followed by a quick pass through using my shower comb and Earth’s Nectar Nourish Conditioning Spray. This combination gave me the shine, definition and bounce without a crunchy hold that I needed for this soft, stylish updo.

  1. I started by whipping my hair forward (I whip my hair back and forth!) so I could create a flat twist up the back of my head.
  2. I only twisted a couple of times and then secured the twist using the hair comb. The trick to using this tool is to push one comb in first. It’s easier for me to start with the right side and move to the left. You’re putting the teeth in towards the crown instead of away from the crown like if you were using a single comb.
  3. Flip the other comb over so the teeth are essentially facing each other. Be careful when inserting the other comb. The further the distance, the tighter the combs will stretch, and it can be quite uncomfortable!
  4. Once I had the hair secured with the combs, I was left with some crazy loose hair at the crown and in the front. Since my hair was soft and pliable, I was able to direct the hair into a swoop, adding a slight twist to keep the loose hairs in place.
  5. After this front section was secured with a bobby pin, I then smoothed the hair that was coming out from the double comb into a roll and pinned it in place.

In total, I only used 3 bobby pins and the double hair comb to secure my hair. The style still looks free yet controlled, both structured and soft and it received lots of compliments.

Final Thoughts

This is one of those styles I would never have tried a few years ago. With the support of the natural hair community, my “curlfriends” and other inspirational naturals I’ve found the courage to rock a look as fierce as this. It is definitely empowering and not to mention HAUTE! I look forward to trying more unconventional styles with my natural hair and I encourage you to try something new too! Happy styling!