A head full of gorgeous curls is easily an accessory all on its own. Whether you typically wear your hair down or up, it’s always fun to play around trying new styles and accessories. As the season begins to change, you may want to try some different ways to transition your hairstyle from a cute daytime look to a chic style ready for a night on the town. You probably already have the items necessary to change up your look without having to spend all afternoon on your hair. Here’s a quick and easy style to try using bobby pins, so go check your bathroom cabinets, drawers and coffee tables!

Twist Out!

One of my favorite go-to styles is the twist out, which is probably a staple style for many type 3c and 4 curly girls. It’s a pretty easy style to accomplish, almost effortless to maintain and offers multiple days of wear. With me, a typical twist out can easily last 4 to 5 days or longer, depending on my nighttime routine and the weather conditions. This looks is fun and playful in the daytime, allowing my curls to be bouncy and free while running errands or attending daytime functions. I can usually turn this carefree look into an awesome nighttime style in less than 15 minutes with the addition of a few well placed bobby pins.

Pin Up!

I love to showcase my curls when I hit the streets with my girlfriends, and one of my favorite ways to do so is by rocking an asymmetrical ‘do. This is not only a quick and easy style, but it also makes a statement when you have a night out. Since I’m usually working with a few days old twist out, maintaining moisture is a must so this doesn’t turn out to be a frizzy mess. Adding a bit of leave in product before styling should add some shine and help keep the flyaways tamed.

After deciding which side you want to pin back, gently begin to smooth that side back, until you obtain the shape you desire. You can pin your hair back almost to the opposite ear for a more exaggerated style, or somewhere in-between your closest ear and the middle of your head if you want to show more curls. I typically go bold and pin close to my furthest ear for a more dramatic nighttime look. If you’re using the large bobby pins, it may take 3 or 4 to secure the hair, but use as many as you feel necessary.

Final Thoughts

I’ve learned a couple of tips that help making this a successful style. First, I don’t suggest pulling too tight or you’ll lose the texture of your curls on that side. Your curls won’t be even because they’ve been stretched, so if you want to wear your hair down again, you’ll probably need to retwist. Second, when you’re pinning your hair, overlap the bobby pins. This helps to create a stronger, more secure hold without having to use an obnoxious amount of bobby pins. There’s nothing worse than finding that rogue bobby pin when you “thought” you got them all! Happy styling!

Do you have a favorite, no-fuss, quick hairstyle for a night out?