If you love the pinup look, or are just looking for a cute scarf headband with a bow, look no further.

Spring has sprung and the trend of the season is hair scarves. Leopard, floral, nautical, you name it, you can rock it. The Curl Talk boards have been buzzing about this trend for a while now to help with growing out hair and now the trend is popular amongst all styles of hair. As a fellow wavy woman, I can appreciate any accessory that has so much versatility as well as protecting and moisturizing my curls. After searching the trend on Pintrest and Youtube, I came across several different ways to accessorize your hair with scarves and grabbed the easiest and the key ways to adorn your waves.

Ways to Use a Hair Scarf

If you love the pinup look, or are just looking for a cute scarf headband with a bow, look no further. This classic look is simple and you can use a bandana or a scarf in four easy steps. You will need a medium size bandana or scarf to create this look.

  1. Fold the scarf in half diagonally touching corner to corner.
  2. Fold the bottom half of the scarf horizontally at the width you would like on the bottom of your head.
  3. Place the scarf at the nape of your neck underneath the hair and position the two ends on the crown of the head where you would like the top to sit. If you have bangs that you would like to wear with the scarf, position the ends at the base of your bangs.
  4. Take both ends and tie a taught knot or bow. You will not need the scarf too tightly, but it does need to have some tension to hold your hair and the scarf in place.

If you have a longer scarf, you can double wrap the scarf to add more width or more style to the headscarf. Follow steps one and two above.

  1. Place the scarf on the crown of your head with the ends going towards the bottom of the back of your head.
  2. Wrap the scarf instead of tying a knot at the bottom and bring the ends towards the top and secure firmly with a knot or if your feeling lucky, a rose knot.

For a headband look, follow the original instructions and wrap the scarf at the crown of the head and tie the ends on the bottom.

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Julissa Hernandez