curly hair products to throw out this fallFall is officially upon us and it’s time to retire some of our curly products and tools for the season. Do not forget that with cooler temps and autumn breezes, your “regular” hair gels, leave-ins and hot tools may not give you the same effect now that the weather is changing. Keep in mind that some of your fall products may have gone out of date while not in use–especially if it’s going to be another year till the next time–so pay attention to expiration dates. As for your tools, gadgets and accessories–those can be stored away in a box, waiting for spring.

1. Keep argan oil and keratin at bay

These two ingredients (used together and separately”> work wonders for the summer months, minimizing that frizz halo and increasing shinier strands. However, in the fall, your hair doesn’t need something that promotes straightening, but rather adds moisture. Instead, opt for a lightweight moisturizer that isn’t greasy like Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Leave-In or Briogeo Curl Avocado Leave-In Defining Cream.

2. Serums need a break

Sure, they promote shine and reduce frizz, but your hair needs moisture right now more than anything, and serums literally sit on the hair shaft and block moisture from penetrating properly. Not to mention, they are ideal for sunnier months because of their known UV protection. Maintain those moisture levels in your hair and scalp by using a hot oil treatment such as Ruutos Hair Growth Elixir or weekly olive oil deep condition with MyHoneyChild Olive You.

3. Put away those hair ties

You may just find that keeping your curls and waves may be a bit easier as they thrive in this cooler, breezier weather. Put away all of those hair ties and bands unless you absolutely need to keep your hair out of the way during a workout. No more humidity to fight!

4. Give your blow dryer a rest

If you find yourself in a bind and need your hair to dry faster, use your Ouidad diffuser and only dry 30-40% dry. But try to allow your curls to form their natural pattern as they air dry. Use Aquis Mimi’s microfiber towel to absorb any additional water and avoid using heat and to scrunch your curls for definition. 


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