If you have textured tresses, your battle with frizz is a daily challenge, and one that is rarely victorious. Wavy, curly, and coily girls alike dream for the day of perfectly frizz-free hair. Here’s your chance to get rid of frizz in just seven days! Put it to the test; give your curls the seven-day challenge.

Day 1: Out with the old!

Dump all of your alcohol-laden stylers, sulfate-based shampoos, and silicone-filled serums.

Drying alcohols found in a host of styling product can cause the cuticle to swell up, and the hair to frizz. Sulfate-based shampoos rob your tresses of its much-needed natural oils, another culprit of frizz. Ditch these duds and shop for products that are formulated with natural ingredients, and free of drying alcohol, sulfates, silicones, mineral oil and other articifical fillers.

Tip For Curly Textures

Stop by your local health food store and pick up a bottle of pure aloe vera gel. This is a great replacement for drying gels, and you can use it to define and hold your curls, and control frizz.

Day 2: Whip that hair!

Book an appointment to get a much-needed hair trim. Make sure the stylist you select is experienced with caring for textured hair. Damaged, sparse, straggly ends are not only unattractive, but they also add to the frizz factor.

Tip For Coily Textures

To ensure an accurate cut (especially when you are visiting a stylist for the first time”> shampoo, condition, and seal the hair with a natural oil two days before, and let your hair completely dry.  On the day of your cut, gently blow dry your hair with a vented brush on low heat just enough to stretch your coils.

Day 3: Heat things up!

Frizz happens when dry, porous hair sucks up excess moisture in the air. Give yourself a deep treatment with heat to help seal in moisture, and prep your hair for frizz-free locks. To maximize the conditioning affect, warm up a helping of pure jojoba, olive or pomegranate seed oil, and mix with your conditioner. Be sure to leave it on for at least five minutes.

Tip For Wavy Textures

To avoid limp, lifeless hair, apply the conditioner at least 2″ from the roots.

Day 4: Use a DIY treatment

This easy, homemade recipe is my favorite deep conditioning treatments.

Milk and Honey Hair Smoothie

1 can of pure coconut milk (rich moisturizer – hydrates, conditions and de-frizzes hair”>

1 ripe avocado (natural source of protein – chemical processes rob the hair of protein”>

2 tablespoons of pure honey (conditions and adds sheen”>

2 tablespoons of olive oil (fatty oil that moisturizes and conditions dry hair”>

Directions:Add ingredients to blender. Mix at high speed until your concoction reaches a smoothie consistency. Generously apply evenly to hair, from root to ends, concentrating on ends since they are the most prone to damage. Rinse.

Day 5: Seal in moisture and protect

Wavy, curly and coily textures alike should seal in moisture, with natural oils, regularly.  The act of “sealing” your hair locks in moisture and prevents breakage and dryness. After you cleanse and condition your hair, rinse and re-apply another thin layer of conditioner. Detangle and blot dry with your microfiber towel. Before styling, apply a layer of your natural oil of choice.

Tip For Wavy Textures

Opt for a light oil that won’t weigh down your hair, or loosen the waves. Pure jojoba oil most resembles the oil produced in our scalp.

Tip For Curly Textures

Opt for a medium-bodied oil with additional benefits. I prefer pure Tahitian Monoi de Tahiti and pomegranate seed oil.

Tip For Coily Textures

Opt for rich, dense butters that melt down into a creamy oil. These butters will add the conditioning, weight and protection dry, coily hair needs. I suggest pure mango and shea butter.

Day 6: Try new tools of the trade

A curly girl’s ultimate goal is to banish frizz. However, some of our tools of the trade can actually create frizz and breakage. It’s time to make a change!

That old trusty terry cloth towel you use to dry your curls actually creates frizz and breakage. Those minuscule loops that make up the bulk of the towel captures and snags hair. Opt for a soft t-shirt, or my personal favorite, a microfiber towel.

I highly recommend air drying hair. However, when this is not an option, use an ionic blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. While the jury is out on the scientific proof that ionic blow dryers prevent/reduce damage, the general consensus is that they do reduce frizz.

Invest in your daily staples, the tools that touch your hair the most often.

Detangling comb: If you aren’t the disciplined curly that only uses her fingers to detangle (don’t feel bad, I never quite got the hang of this either”>, invest in an wide-toothed comb made out of pliable material. It’s important that your detangling comb gives as it glides through your hair to avoid unnecessary tugging and breakage.

Smoothing brush: If you are a fan of rocking protective styles, you will definitely need a good quality natural boar bristle brush to smooth your hair, edges and roots. Cheap bristles can damage the hair shaft and cause split ends.

Day 7: Style like a curly pro!

The key to a great curl day is a great hair care regime. Incorporate the following steps into your regime for optimal results.



Seal in moisture


This article was written by Mahisha Dellinger, founder of CURLS.

This article was originally published in October 2013 and has been updated.



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