Having a bad hair day? We’ve all been there. Stop staring at your reflection in the mirror wondering what on earth to do with that mop on top and check out some of the causes of a bad hair day and some great solutions too!

Lady with curly brown hair sleeping


One of the major faux-pas for any curly girl is skipping the bedtime routine. It’s like sleeping with your make-up on — a major no-no. No one wants bed head that’s out of control the next day!


Pineapple your hair (a loose high pony tail at your crown) and sleep on a satin pillow. If you have shorter hair, sleep in a satin bonnet. For delicate and dry curly strands, make sure to add some moisture back into your hair every night.

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Bad Weather

Wind, rain and humidity are often the culprits of a bad curly hair day. These external elements are the archenemies of defined curls. They promote frizz and leave the hair looking electrocuted!


Check the Frizz Forecast on the Curls on the Go app to predict whether or not your best humidity fighting serum should be used. Try Ouidad’s Climate Control Frizz & Flyaway Fighter or Frederic Fekkai’s Summer Hair Zero-Humidity Frizz Control for frizz free curls. Make sure to also carry a scrunchie and a scarf with you during harsh weather days to combat the elements while trekking through these upcoming cold months.

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Dry Hair

Moisture is crucial! The environment and some products do a number on our hair each day, so it’s important to replenish it with moisture each night. Waking up with dry and brittle curls can be the worst!


If your hair feels like cacti, you might have used too much of a product or the wrong product. Wash out strong-hold gels and hairspray to prevent a horrible case of the crispies.

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Experiment Gone Bad

Try a new style or product that just didn’t turn out the way you expected? There’s nothing wrong with experimentation, but time these sessions well.


Try new styles and products when nothing important is planned. Like on a Saturday morning in your PJs. The day before the most important interview in life or your sister’s wedding day may not be the best time to use that new curly cream.

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A Bad Mood

Sometimes our mood can have an adverse effect on how we feel about our appearance, including our hair.


This is a time to style your hair in your best go-to style that makes you feel fabulous! When you look great you’re more likely to feel great!

If you’re still staring at the mirror wondering what to do we have more solutions for you!

Polish those edges! Use a spooling brush or even a unused toothbrush with some hair gel or a cream like Karen’s Body Beautiful Sleek Strands Edge Control on those edges and hairline to clean up your look!

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Stuck with No Style

Can't figure out what do do with your hair when you're on your way out the door? Throw your hair into a messy ponytail and pin pieces of your ponytail up. Add a little hairspray to create a messy, but polished hairstyle! You can also spruce up your style by adding a decorative pin, broche or even a bow.

Bun it Up!

Don’t be afraid to give this classic style a try. Curly-haired buns are all the rave right now and give the old sleek bun a textured spin that’s sure to impress. Even on those worst bad hair days!

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Need Some Umph? Diffuse upside down to give your hair some volume. The lack of volume could also be your cut as consistent strands all around weight down the hair. Have your stylist clip strands at their roots to create more volume.

Scheduled trims, deep conditioning treatments and a style change can help combat those dreaded days. Make sure you’re consistent with your hair care and you’ll be chasing your worst hair days away!