Nothing messes up a good story like an incomplete ending.

I mean, people are still making ‘Sopranos’ jokes, and it’s been a minute. As of writing, just shy of ten years’ worth of minutes actually. And any hairstyle is much the same way—if the roots are set, the curls are popping, but those ends are struggling? The whole thing is gonna fall flat. And if you prefer to keep things spiraled and sharp, that’ll be a pretty sour note.

Fortunately, as far as twist-outs go, getting those freshly released curls to a happy ending is easy! And things are especially simple with an instructor like the incredible Okwe. NaturallyCurly partnered with ORS Olive Oil for Naturals and this Houston, TX stylist’s expertise to put together a how-to to wow you—watch and learn!

Those are some sweet spirals right there.

Okwe used ORS Butter Creme Styling Smoothie to help with hold and moisture after her first round of sectioning. A good brushing through is what’s going to distribute the product evenly through each strand before she flat twists her hair down. The extra rollers there at her ends were the part of the equation that kept her ends so perfectly coiled!

Post dryer time, a little Hydrating Hair Butter on her fingertips kept flyaways from forming as she fluffed out her twists, while adding some extra moisture and shine at the same time!

Both of these products, and in fact the whole Olive Oil for Naturals line has the power of clarified butter, AKA ghee, behind the the rest of the expertly formulated ingredients! And because Okwe’s really been churning her super-smooth style sessions out, we have a whole playlist for you to look through on the NaturallyCurly YouTube channel. Not to milk a good tutorial series, but you’re going to want to watch cholester-ALL of them.

As always Curlies, if you take a page out of Okwe’s amazing tutorial book…show your work! Tag us @NaturallyCurly on any channel and show us what you got!

This post brought to you in partnership with ORS.

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