Curly Hair Q&A: No-Frizz Tips for High Humidity

2011-12-08 12:48:36

Curly Hair Q&A: No-Frizz Tips for High Humidity

Reduce crazy hair volume caused by high humidity with these no-frizz tips.

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Dear Rebecca:

I am a former stylist with very curly thick long hair, and I know how to care for it. However, the humidity here in Florida makes my hair volume huge by the time I get home from work. I have been out of the salon for some years now, and have never found a product that minimizes the volume. Can you help please?

Dear Curly Stylist:

I want to be real with you and tell you there are many great products on the market that can really help with frizz control and volume. However, they can only hold for so long until Mother Nature wins with her crazy humidity (especially in Florida).

help prolong your curly style without volume, try spraying a holding spray in your hair periodically throughout the day. A holding spray will provide hold and protection, which can help to prolong your style, and minimize your volume for a short time. I suggest Design Essentials Formations Styling Spritz. Just a few sprays throughout the day, and viola: hair with no frizz (aka crazy volume).

Rebecca Mariolis

Rebecca Mariolis

I hear you, proudcurlygirly. It's a beautiful thing to see!
You may want to try Sabino's Lök & Blök (, which has silicone to keep out the frizz. It's pretty amazing!
I think frizz is the bane of any curly head's life (I know it is mine!) That's why whenever I see a mass of curls on a person that are frizz-free, I sigh in admiration.