If you are looking for an effective and inexpensive deep conditioner for your hair, head on over to your local supermarket and pick up a container of Yogurt! You want to get yogurt that is plain, non-flavored and with no added fruit. Regular yogurt is great for moisture but if you want a protein treatment also, pick up a container of Greek Yogurt which has double the protein as a container of regular!


Check out the benefits of what deep conditioning with yogurt can do:

  • leaves hair feeling soft
  • adds extra shine
  • provides extra moisture/replaces moisture in moisture lost hair
  • makes hair easier to detangle
  • helps fight frizz in warm, humid months
  • repair chemically processed and damaged hair (Greek Yogurt”>
  • can promote hair growth due to the zinc and lactic acid when massaged into scalp


  1. After cleansing your hair, take your desired amount of yogurt and massage it through the lengths of your hair section by section.
  2. You can leave it on anywhere from 20 minutes up to an hour.
  3. Rinse the yogurt out of your hair with warm water and style as usual. Enjoy hair that is more moisturized and manageable!
  4. Feel free to mix some other ingredients your hair loves such as coconut oil, aloe vera juice, apple cider vinegar or shea butter in with the yogurt to amp up the moisture and healing powers of the deep treatment.

If you have any leftover yogurt and don’t want to eat it, you can also use it as a hydrating face mask too! Just apply it on the skin, let it sit for 10 minutes, rinse and follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

Yogurt really is a great product that is not only good for you (and delicious”> when eaten, but works so well when applied to hair and skin too!

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