Do You Define Your Naturally Curly Hair, Or Does It Define You?

2011-04-28 00:32:35

Do You Define Your Naturally Curly Hair, Or Does It Define You?

Should you tame your naturally curly hair, or go against the latest curly hair trends?

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How fro can you go?

Don't Tame Me!

I have read of dissention among curlies who are divided on how much definition to give their locks. While the argument for "defining" your curls may come from experts suggesting products to keep your curls soft, smooth and "neat," how about a little abstraction to show who you really are?

No woman is tame all the time. Sure, we all have workplaces and mostly abide by standards of dress in the workplace. But curls are your natural birthright! If you are used to spending an hour or more a day on your hair, I say test the waters a little. Stick your big toe in once a week and go as natural as possible. While you should always take care of your curls with quality hair products, who says you need to tame your hair? Playing it smooth is not always the best for your self-esteem. Being real, being you, and learning to find the beauty in who you are is what it's all about after all.

Go Wild!

The trend toward unruly hair seems to be growing, and I for one, love it. If I could grow a big unruly fro I'd wear it wild and loose and let it compliment my slightly unruly personality. Away with the twist-outs, bantu knots, and satin pillow cases. Adios to olive oil, leave-ins, and detanglers. I would want my fro big, with its own personality, emulating how I feel inside. This whole topic sends a song through my head: Aretha's cover of Carole King's Natural Woman, one of the most beautiful and down to earth love songs ever recorded. I mean, really, how simple is that love song, and yet how much does it sum up the natural hair movement? "You make me feel like a natural woman." Done.

Having said that, I have great respect for those who choose to, and even have to, define their curls for any reason. I am truly in awe of the hard work, the care, the cost, the time and the ups and downs involved. But, admittedly, I long for the fro. And I will never have the fro I so badly want. I will never be Pam Grier in the 1970s. I'm more like Sally Field stuck with Jackie Gleason but secretly having the hots for Burt Reynolds and all his "natural" hair (translation: chest hair, remember that stuff?). I feel wild on the inside and think that those who can express that with their hair are lucky indeed.

Whatever side you are on, remember this: you are still on the side of naturally curly hair, so you are on the same side. Both choices are equally important and everyone is different and has valid reasons for the choices they make.

Now, tell me something good: Do you define your curls, or do your curls define you? Or both?

Okay, so maybe she's wearing a wig, but it's ARETHA! Sign of the times? I think so. Not many escaped the pressures, did they?

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Libbi B.

Libbi B.

Great article. It's so true that many of us do 'define our curls', but more important is how they define us as people. However we wear them - defined or wild and loose, they are beautiful and individual to each and every one of us.