Dear Ouidad:

My hair is very fine and always fuzzes which blurs the curl definition. I also live in Florida, a high humidity area. When I try to weigh it down to elongate the curl it either frizzes, or if the air is drier, it doesn’t have enough resilience and loses all its spring. Any suggestions?

Dear Frizzy in Florida:

The most important thing to understand about your hair when living in a high humidity climate is to make sure that your hair is fully hydrated so that it doesn’t react to humidity. Just like a sponge in water, your dry hair will expand. If you put a wet sponge in water, it won’t react, so, in order to eliminate frizzy hair in high humidity, you need to be diligent about doing a Deep Treatment every two weeks.

I recommend a regular regimen of my Clear & Gentle Shampoo, Balancing Rinse Essential Daily Conditioner and Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel. My Clear & Gentle Shampoo is blended with essential wheat protein to restore hair's natural body and shine. Follow this with a lightweight daily conditioner. Daily conditioning leaves hair silky soft, manageable, and tangle-free without weighing it down.

After shampooing and conditioning, style hair by using my “Rake and Shake” technique to evenly distribute your styling product throughout your curls. For high humidity areas like Florida try Climate Control, the ultimate no-frizz solution for your curls, which controls frizzy hair in any weather. It works with the humidity so hair stays flyaway and frizz free.