You know what I love about the curly community? People are so generous with their information. If someone discovers an amazing DIY deep treatment or invents a new styling technique, they share it with the world! My Instagram feed is a never-ending source of personally tested product reviews and tutorials. When I asked Sanne, aka @curlsandblondies on IG, how she manages to achieve such defined, frizz-free curls she was more than willing to divulge what she's learned. Here's what Sanne had to say.

Frizz, it's the number one thing I've been afraid of since I started my curly hair journey. To be honest it's an anxiety-inducing threat that is on my mind almost 24/7, like a mosquito that keeps buzzing around your head during the day. I find frizz can be especially problematic during the warmer months - the struggle is real for a curly girl. One upside to my frizz obsession is that I have been able to find some essential steps to prevent most of it, and of course I will share it with you so we all can have frizz free curls. Well, almost.

Soaking wet

When I style my hair, I make sure to start on soaking wet hair. I style in the shower because the weight from the water helps to clump your curls together, and this makes a huge difference when it comes to "in-the-curl frizz." Just take a look at your curls when you're in the shower: perfect, well-defined curls. When styling on soaking wet hair we're kind of trying to catch that perfect curl with our styling product. When you're not able to put on your styling products in the shower or bathroom you can put on a shower cap after you've rinsed your conditioner or mask, get dressed and go to the room where you can style your hair. This way your hair stays as wet as possible.

Second day hair

I restyle my curls with a moisturizer and a tiny bit of gel mixed with water in my hands. I always make sure to use a minimal amount of product because I want to keep the volume. Last week I shared a video on instagram how I restyle my hair using my smoothing/scrunch method. This method really helps to reduce frizz, especially that halo frizz on the surface of the hair. I mix the products and water in my hands. Next I smoothe my hands over my hair in sections and then scrunch in an upward motion. Smoothing really eliminates the frizz while the scrunching helps to activate my curls and get back the volume. I finger-coil the curls that lost definition.


Healthy hair is the key for definition and frizz free curls. But Besides that products can help you just as well. Moisturizing is the key and Devacurl Supercream never lets me down with that. I love using hard hold gels such as Giovanni styling gel. If I want extra defined curls I mix a tiny bit with my holy grail gel Bouncecurl. Custard also works wonders when it comes to frizz and Kinky Curly Curling Custard is definitely my favorite. I only use a pea-size amount per section and it gives me absolute frizz free results every time.

My favorite budget proof curl definer is my flaxseed gel. It's not only very cheap, it's also moisturizing, promotes hair growth and nourishes your hair and scalp with omega 3. It's the best curl enhancer I have ever used. I shared my recipe on my YouTube Channel.


I only diffuse my hair until 80% dry and let it air dry until it's fully dry, so I get less frizz and more definition. When my hair is not fully dried yet, I always apply a tiny bit of product mixed with water to the curls that lost definition due the diffusing process.

I like using a flexible diffuser so I can make an angle with it as you can see in my curly hair routine on YouTube. This way the cold air blows down from your roots toward the ends so the cuticle lays flat. I make sure to diffuse my curls starting at the the roots down or from the bottom in an upwards motion, not from the side. This method may be a bit more time consuming but gives me the best results.


Humidity can be a killer for my hair. My goal is to prevent moisture from the air getting in and puffing up my curls and causing loss of definition and a frizzy mess. In the warmer months I always look for styling products low in humectants. Humectants can be killing your definition on humid days. Especially when you are transitioning and your hair is high porosity, humectants like glycerin swell up strands and make it poof and frizz as soon as you step outside. If you are someone who struggles with frizz like me during the hot, humid months glycerin-free products can become your best friend. I love the CURLS Blueberry Bliss leave in and Giovanni direct leave in on humid days.


Although humidity can be tough for my curls, I love summer. Because the days are warmer I spend a lot more time in the sun. But the sun breaks down the protein in your hair so I make sure to do protein treatments more frequently. This way I keep my protein/moisture balance in check.

Our curly hair has a raised cuticle. Because of this raised cuticle moisture in the air sneaks in through those holes, where it expands the hair shaft and causes curls to frizz up. I love using products with hydrolized proteins because they temporarily fill up the holes in the cuticle of your hair so the cuticle is flat. Bye Bye frizz.

Embrace it

Since I started my natural hair journey there have been times I was obsessed with frizz. This even resulted in staying at home on humid days, wearing protective styles all day and checking my hair in every window I walked by. It was a serious obsession. Frizz can be a struggle. And although I just gave you my favorite tips to eliminate it, I found out one of the best ways to fight it is actually not to fight it. I started to realize that I can't fight my hair so I learned to love my texture and embrace the frizz. Your hair is who you are, loving it is easier than fighting it. Make your frizzy fro your trademark. I love to enhance it and make my hair even bigger. The bigger my hair the more compliments I get! And I can tell, life is a lot easier when you just go with the fro.

Thank you to Sanne for sharing the lessons you've learned!

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