Take it from my experience:

Brushing your curls when they are dry will leave you with big, poofy, frizzy hair that most likely doesn’t look curl like it’s supposed to anymore. This is exactly what I have been doing for most of my life. Being the only curly in my family, I didn’t even know I had curly hair–I always figured I just had big waves. That is, until the day I found out that I am not supposed to brush my hair when it’s dry.

Like many curlies, I don’t have the best memories of people brushing my curls.

I remember all too well the countless times I desperately tried not to break out in tears while all kinds of hairdressers brushed my curls–I would have rather gone to the dentist than to the hairdresser!

Of course, we also need to comb our hair. However, most of us only do so when our curls are soaking wet and covered with conditioner. And even then, I recommend not using a brush. Let me explain why.

Your fingers are more precise

When you comb your curls using your bare fingers, they will be stopped by the knots in your curls. This way, you notice the knots being there and you will thus be able to more gently untie any knots (see how I do it in the video below”>.

A brush hurts more (and snags on knots”>

When you are using a comb, you will feel a pain caused by every single knot on your scalp. The comb pulls on your curls until the knot is resolved, with the pulling causing your scalp to hurt. Every time your scalp hurts during brushing/combing you have pulled on your hair too much. Pulling on your curls can cause quite some damage.

Wondering why you have so many short hair strands?

This could not only be caused by an imbalance in moisture and protein, but it might also be an effect of pulling on your curls too much. So if you are prone to breakage, try to always comb your curls as gently as possible by only using your bare fingers.

Don’t buy into the industry claims

Of course, the beauty industry does not usually agree with me on this. It will instead tell you to buy that brush “specifically designed for curly hair”. However, in my opinion you definitely don’t have to buy an overpriced brush. Save your money and use your fingers instead.

All the above described reasons are logical, but let me finish this article with an emotional reason as to why you should ditch your brush: Back in the days when I was still brushing my hair on a daily basis, I managed to break at least 5 brushes; I’m guessing that could be a sign that curlies are not supposed to use brushes.

I’m interested in hearing your own experiences!

What memories do you have of people brushing your curls? Or maybe you have also managed to break a brush before? Please leave a comment below!

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