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We all have routines for work, school, and even play. From Monday to Friday we are usually being summoned somewhere. If you are smart you have a routine in place to keep you on track. H0ran_is_be  is trying to find out what’s wrong with her morning routine before school and inquired on some assistance in our Curly Q&A.


I need to blow dry my hair because of school but it's really frizzy. What do I do? I wash it every day, but I don't use conditioner. I dry it with a towel and sleep with it normally (not tied up)


There are three reasons why you are fighting frizz daily so let’s delve into each one and make your morning before school less stressful and frizzy.

You are washing your hair too often

The notion we need to cleanse our hair every day is bad for our curls, coils, and waves. If you are using shampoo (even a sulfate-free shampoo) every day, you are heading toward drying your hair out. Our hair needs those natural oils, but the other problem you are facing is causing frizz and even breakage. If you feel you need to wet your hair and apply something, try a refresher or co-wash with a botanical conditioner to help settle the frizz and give your hair the refreshed look you are aiming for.

You are not using a conditioner

This is a big no-no for curly girls. You must use conditioner after washing your hair to help those dry, damaged strands from weekly styling. A leave-in or even a regular conditioner is good, but some form of conditioner is a must to protect and rehydrate your strands after the harshness of cleansing.

Your nighttime routine may also be to blame

You need to steer clear of regular sheets and pillowcases. They are usually made of cotton, which whisks the moisture away from your hair and may be the reason you feel you need to cleanse in the morning to calm the frizz. A satin pillowcase will be a great asset to your nighttime routine that won’t force you to do too much at night.

What type of towel are you using?

A micro fiber towel will not disturb the curl, as regular cotton towels are rough and will cause friction and frizz. An old t-shirt works like a charm for drying your hair and we all have those, so use that instead of a regular bath towel.

Try an elixir or serum

Serums and elixirs are excellent products for not only softening your strands but fighting frizz. They are light so you don’t have to feel like your hair is being weighed down and great if you prefer not to use a lot of products.

No one says you have to use a lot of products, but conditioners, serums, and a t-shirt are great ways to stay frizz-free on a budget and get on with your day.