Ask Rebecca Mariolis

This is what my hair looks like with a ton of product.Ask Rebecca MariolisThis is an example of what my hair is really like, but I think mine may have more curl.

Dear Rebecca: I am convinced that I have some of the worst curly hair around. It's somewhere between type 3 and type 3c I believe. It is copper red, dry, very coarse, and frizzy. No matter what I do to it or put in it, it will always frizz. It is poofy! Without product in it, I will have a fro. I cannot wear it straight because it refuses to stay straight in any weather condition. My roots refuse to straighten and my hair will poof in a matter of minutes. When wearing it curly I put a ton of mousse and gel in it. The front is okay but the back always frizzes. In order for me to get my hair under control, I have to put so much mousse and gel in it that it feels like plastic. It feels like it would break if you were to bend it. I need help. I am 17 and have been dealing with this my whole life. I have senior prom coming up and I would absolutely love to be able to wear my hair down. I like my curls. I just want to know how to work with it.

Dear Young and Full of Hope: Okay, these are words to live by: “Moisture, now and forever.” The best way to control your beautiful curls (and yes, I said beautiful) is to begin with a healthy hair regimen and a great styling plan.

1. Begin with a moisturizing shampoo, followed by a moisturizing conditioner.

2. Allow the conditioner to remain on your hair for 10 – 15 minutes then comb through to remove any tangles.

3. Always, always rinse with cool, or lukewarm water (this seals your cuticle and locks in the moisture) when rinsing your hair.

4. Towel blot your hair, then apply a leave-in conditioner or treatment. Gently (and I mean gently) comb the product through your hair.


When wearing curls, try first using a shine serum, then follow with a styling gel. Comb through, then diffuse (only if you really need to) until the hair is about 80% dry.

By applying the shine serum first, you create a sort of seal over the cuticle to give the gel a better no-frizz hold.

If wearing straight, begin by styling with a smoothing styling product. I really like something with a silicone base because it tends to work better, and last in many different conditions.

1. Apply a generous amount to your ends first.

2. Slowly work towards your roots with the remaining product on your hands.

3. Then comb through, and begin air-forming your hair by finger combing your hair to get it about 80% dry.

4. Once 80% dry, take a large paddle brush, and work your dryer while brushing your hair in a downward motion.

5. Once completed, section your hair into manageable sections and style using a medium temperature styling iron.

6. Once the hair is smooth and straight, apply a smoothing serum (or shine serum) like Design Essentials Silk Essentials to add immense shine to the beautifully finished hair. The result will be a beautiful, no-frizz finish, and stunning prom curls.