Quidad Q&A

Dear Ouidad: I have type 3a hair. I am trying to find a salon hair treatment that will get rid of frizz. I literally know almost NOTHING about these types of things. I want a treatment that I have to do every 3 months MAX, and even less often is preferable. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!!!

A: The best treatment for getting rid of frizz is to keep your curls healthy and reduce chemical processes (like highlighting, coloring, etc.) that dry out your hair. I don’t suggest doing treatments with harsh chemicals (such as Keratin), because of the long-term damage to your hair. You should start by going for an in-salon Deep Treatment which uses a mix of proteins and amino acids to nourish your curls and reduce frizz. The more you condition, the better the results. Or you can also try a 10 minute softening defrizzer to eliminate your frizz, currently available only at the Ouidad NY Salon.