So we’re smack dab in the middle of one of the hottest, sweatiest, muggiest summer seasons yet, I’ve put away certain brands (for now”> and keep these moisturizing, slippery, extra-hydrating hair goodies nearby. It’s important that I do all I can to help the elements work with–not against–my medium-length, full, curly mane.

For that reason, I practice the LCO method (liquid, cream, oil”> in the summertime, and leave the LOC method for colder seasons. That way, the oil has a better chance of penetrating my hair, reducing frizz caused by summer humidity.


Begin on freshly cleansed and conditioned hair that is soaking wet. Since I wash my hair in about 4 sections, they are still separated when I get out of the shower, which makes it easier for me to apply product.


I completely saturate it (what’s a dime-sized amount?”> with product–you could package a leave-in as a moisturizer and honestly, my hair wouldn’t know the difference. I especially enjoy the results of these:


Next, I apply a generous coat of oil to seal. I also do this in sections, making sure no parts of my hair go unnoticed. For this, I focus specifically on the roots and the ends. I keep a bottle of extra virgin olive oil underneath my sink but if I’m running low, I’ll use one of these blends. They all contain super nourishing ingredients and crazy sealing powers: 

Final thoughts

As a true P.J. (Product Junkie”>, it’s only fitting that I am constantly trying new product combinations and cocktails to find out what exactly is working for me in that moment, for that style. These are my current faves when it comes to using the LCO method for locking in maximum moisture.

Have you tried the LCO method? Does it work for your hair?


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