As a curly girl, creating styles that are versatile, quick, and fierce is no easy feat. Curly hairstyles range from texture to length, but the styles are endless. On-the-go hairstyles are all about maintaining the balance between a look that's quick but still compliments your personal style. For some, it's braids, updos, wash & gos, or adding a fun hair accessory to make a statement. If you're in need of some hair inspiration and want to spring into March with a new 'do, keep scrolling to see 10 different hairstyles when you're pressed for time.

Perm Rods With Hat

Woman with curly hair wearing a black hat

Image: @kytialamour

"Section your hair into eight even sections. Set each section with water so that it's damp, a leave-in conditioner, and a styling gel. I used a quarter sized amount of SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Restore Conditioner and Eco Styler Styling Gel with Argan Oil. Tightly curl each section of hair around a perm rod so that the curls come out smooth and sleek. If you're air drying, allow 10-12 hours to make sure your hair fully dries. (I recommend doing this a few hours before bed for overnight heatless curls.) Once your curls are fully dry, gently unravel each perm rod and run your fingers through your curls for bouncy and silky curls."

Space Buns

Woman wearinf sunglasses and her hair in two buns

Image: @sherrese_

To achieve a more tight and big "space bun" you can wrap your hair tie around 3 or more times, if you are going for a smaller bun that is more loose and relaxed, wrap your hair tie around no more than 2 times (Amount of times will depend on the thickness and type of hair you have). Once you get to your last "wrap around" be sure you stop where your curls are hanging out. If your curls are not falling where you would like them to fall, use bobby pins to position them, but be sure not to make it look too perfect, you want your curls to be wild and do its own thing! To spice up this look, even more, leave out some curly hair strands on the side, at the front or even at the back of your hair and slick down your edges with some edge control or gel.


Side Pin Up

Women with curly hair and bobby pins

Image: @curlyandproud

Grab a few bobby pins and get creative. For the hairstyle you cinch some hair up to the side as if you're going to put it in a ponytail and vertically add multiple bobby pins. You then can add another one horizontally on top to give it a pop.


Half-up Half Down Topknot Wash & Go

African-American woman with curly hair wearing a red sweater

Image: @whitney.raquel

"To achieve this look I made sure my hair was soaking wet and had the eco styler black castor and flax seed oil leave in conditioner on it before I styled it. I then separated my hair in half and clipped the bottom half off to the side. I then parted the middle of the top off into three sections. I twisted each section and securing the hair with a rubber band. After the rubber bands were on I styled my edges using the Mixed Chicks Edge Tamer and a toothbrush. Then bushing all of the top section into a ponytail. I then rewet the hair in the ponytail and applied the eco styler black castor & flax seed oil styling gel to the curls and doing the shingling method to ensure that every hair strain was coated with the gel. After I finished that section I started on the bottom and I pretty much just did a wash n' go."


Low Bun

Woman wearing a striped shirt and hair slicked back in a low bun

Image: @JadoreSierra

Pull your hair back and work in sections to lay your hair down smoothly. Tie your hair down with a scarf to help lay your edges for a smoother look. To create more volume to your bun, add kinky or curly hair to make your low bun look bigger.


Curly Frohawk Ponytail

Latina woman wearing a black leather jacket and hair in a frohawk ponytail

Image: @ArielPerry

To achieve this look, you just need day 3 or 4 curls and some ponytail holders. Then, section your hair with a rat tail comb and connect each ponytail while pulling out loose strands for a messier look.



Woman sitting down in a desk wearing all white with an afro

Image: @houseofhayla

After cleansing and conditioning, I divide my hair into 4 sections and apply Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner on my ends and work it up towards my scalp but not directly on my scalp. I then use Mixed Chicks Styling Cream, followed by the Styling Gel on the ends. Lastly, I dry my hair using a diffuser.

Pineapple With A Headscarf

Woman wearing a multi-colored headwrap

Image: @myrimrtz

Put hair in a high ponytail & leave bangs out, then wrap hair with your favorite scarf in a pineapple.

Product: Cantu Wave Whip Curling Mousse

Messy Bun

Latina woman wearing her hair in a messy bun and curls

Image: @gigifrattarelli

Pull all of your hair up into a tight bun and leave a few curly strands loose. Then, lay your edges with gel.



Latina woman with her hair in a pineapple style

Image: @justtlo

"I used the Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner for my wash n' go. Then, to refresh my curls I used the Mixed Chicks Morning After Redefining Foam which I love! The best way to get a good pineapple is to double the elastics that you use and tease your hair. That will make for the best full look possible!"