Woman with curly updo

Photo source: @joyjah

When it comes to pulling off a great hairstyle, your curls should be the main attraction. When you want to show off your curls, but still keep things pulled back somewhat, there is an easy compromise. With easy half-up hairstyles for natural hair, you get the best of keeping your curls up and out of the way while still showing off the beauty of your texture. Here are a few favorites for pulling off this style with ease.

Top Knot

This is one of the best easy half-up hairstyles for natural hair because it is so fun. It gives the mix of up and down style while having a lot of variations to where you place the knot, the hair length, and the texture. You can go messy or tidy with this look.

Ninja Bun Twist Out

For another look that lets you play with your stretched texture and frame your face, a ninja bun is a great choice. Perfect for work or play, this look can be done as neat or messy as you like it. Whether you want all the strands near the face pulled into the bun or some face-framing strands left out, this look is always pretty. See for yourself right here to how to make this look your own.

Space Buns

Tired of your top knot, but don't want to put in any extra effort? Space buns is one of the chicest of the easy half-up hairstyles for natural hair. It gives a youthful vibe, works with all textures, and is pretty for whatever your day has in store. Here is a quick tutorial on achieving this style for yourself.

Braidless Crochet Top Knot

When you have short hair, but still want the look of a half up, half down style, this is an easy fix. This look lets you create a cute style using your favorite braids to get the perfect texture you are looking for no matter the length of your natural hair. Here is an example from one YouTuber on how to make this look come to life.

Pineapple Updo

This is not a traditional half up half down hairstyle, but it achieves the same effect for curly and coily hair. It's a classic curly style that lets you sweep all your hair up and bring it forward for a pretty play on texture, while keeping the hair gathered and out of the way. Here is a pretty way to wear this style and tips on achieving it.

Which of these hairstyles is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.