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Spring is here and while most of us are itching to switch up our color, but we’re still on the fence because we’re afraid of the damage and maintenance of a major color change. We’ve got a solution for you. Naturalista, Wanda Mulzac, is a curlie who has been taking social media by storm by showing off how to color your curls without the commitment. What’s the secret to her ever-changing colorful curly hair? She uses temporary hair colors for a few days that wash out without having to go to a salon or coloring her natural hair. Scroll down to find out her tips and advice for applying temporary hair color, plus an awesome tutorial for blending your favorite hues for a multi-colorful look.

How do you properly apply temporary hair color?

  • Style hair before application. (Hair must be completely dry”>.
  • Get into a well-ventilated room as the fumes from the spray are VERY strong. (I learned this the hard way”>.
  • Separate your hair into sections depending on how thick it is. You want to make sure that you don’t miss any spots.
  • Spray hair as desired. For reference, I typically use two cans of the spray in whichever color I choose.
  • Use blow-dryer to get hair completely dry so that the color is no longer transferring to your hands.
  • Take lots of selfies and enjoy! :”>
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    What’s the best way to preserve temporary hair color?

    I tend to only keep the color in my hair for 1 or 2 days. This is because it can fade and also cause my hair to feel dry the longer I keep it on.

    Does your wash day routine change before you apply color?

    Not really, I tend to style my hair as normal and the spray the color on once that has been completed.

    What are your go-to products when your curly hair is colored?

    The only product that I use is coconut oil to seal the color in on the first day, other than that, whichever styling products you may normally use is fine.

    How do you select your colors? Does it depend on the season?

    I basically select my colors depending upon the mood that I am in that day, and which colors would match. It’s really fun to just explore and try colors that I wouldn’t normally think of.

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    Can you share your best for getting the best looks from your curly hair color treatment?

  • My hair is very light so I think that contributes to how vibrant the colors come out, but, I think they would show up on dark hair too!
  • Rock it for a few days then once you’re ready to get back to your normal hair color, it washes right out in the shower on the first wash!
  • The color may transfer onto clothes or seats if you rub your head against them. So, I typically cover my car seat and pillow at night to prevent color transfer.
  • I only keep the hair color in for a day or two because it can cause my hair to become hard. That’s why it’s important to use coconut oil before the blow-drying step to prevent stiff curls.
  • Read more on Wanda’s curly hair tips and her life as a natural hair influencer on her blog.

    Would you try a temporary hair color? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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