We all know that specific skin-clarifying benefits of treating ourselves with a mud mask for our faces, right?

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Yes, curl friend, that's right! photo: iStock | laflor

Many naturalistas wonder if those same benefits can be seen when using a mud mask on their strands. Well, let's find out if this is a good idea for the life of your curls!

Should I put a mud mask in my hair?

The answer to the question really depends on what you mean by mud mask. The first thing to make clear is that you shouldn't use a face mask product on your hair unless it is specified as being for both skin and hair. This can lead to dryness you certainly don't want for your curls. The other matter is to look at ingredients. Many "muds" are a bunch of non-natural ingredients with just a small percentage of those ingredients being actual healthy "muds" and the rest is synthetic filler. To get the most out of a hair mud mask, you need to check the ingredients!

Typically, the first ingredient listed is the main ingredient. If the first ingredient is listed as anything other than the type of mud it claims, find a different product. Of course, you can also easily whip up a mud mask for your hair at home which is a great way to make sure you get the ingredients you seek. If your hair is already on the dry side, you may want to skip this type of hair mask. If you are dealing with buildup and want a supercharged cleaning, a mud mask is a great way to go.

What types of muds are best?

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You want to be wary of anything that says mud mask without some other kind of indication of what kind of mud it is. The two most common and useful are bentonite clay and dead sea mud. If you are choosing a store-bought product, look for these two as your signifier of an excellent mud mask for your locks. These two types of "mud" are known to have detoxing properties which make them great for drawing out scalp impurities, dirt, residue, and buildup. Bentonite clay actually works like a magnet to draw out these unwanted elements from your scalp, so you get a fresh, clean feeling with every use. Dead sea mud is rich in minerals and salt to give your hair a boost of hard to find nutrients. It should be noted that while these muds are great for detoxing, they aren't super moisturizing by nature so you will need to mix in a few elements to add some hydration or follow up with your usual deep conditioner or leave in treatment.

DIY Bentonite Clay Mask

When taking a DIY approach to this matter, here is a tutorial on bentonite clay to help guide you. With step by step instructions and ingredients to use, this is the perfect companion to start your relaxing at home spa day!

Dead Sea Mask

This one is a little harder to make on your own, and there are a ton of products with this beneficial mud as the main ingredient. Here are a few to check out:

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Pure Originals Natural Organic Cleanser

Neutriherbs Cleansing Blackhead Anti-Aging Detox

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