Where have all the 3s gone?

And the Grammy goes to….Alessia Cara!

Thank you, Alessia. For your beautiful music, and yes, for wearing your 3b curls, curly on the biggest night in the music industry.

kimberly schlapman curly hair grammys

And a big shoutout to Kimberly Schlapman! I have to be honest. I didn’t even know who Kimberly Schlapman was until I saw her interviewed on the Red Carpet. But now I’m a huge fan of Little Big Town’s Schlapman and her beautiful blonde curls.

Alessia and Kimberly are notable because they are two Type 3 curlies who actually opted to wear their hair curly at an award show this year. I’ve been hard pressed to name many curly celebs who rocked their ringlets at any awards shows.

Taylor Swift? My younger co-workers don’t even remember the days when Taylor wore her hair curly and I had to show them photos to prove that yes, she does have curly hair.

Nicole Kidman? Her strawberry blonde curls have been flatironed for so many years that they probably don’t know how to curl.

Sarah Jessica Parker? Nope.

I don’t mean to curl shame these women. At NaturallyCurly, we’re big believers that you should be able to wear your hair however you want, as long as the decision is yours and yours alone. And if you decide to straighten your hair, we hope you’ll do it in the healthiest way possible so that your curls can still curl.

Alessia and Kimberly weren’t alone. There were other examples of beautiful 3a/b curls at the Grammy Awards. Some of my favorites included Canadian singer-songwriter Alessia Carra and Rhianna, who wore her hair big and curly. I loved Quin’s short, layered curls. Lorde’s long wavy bob was beautiful.

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And there were some straight-haired celebs who opted for textured looks, including Kelly Clarkson, Sarah Silverman and Anna Kendrick.

I just wish some curly celebrities would opt for curly looks at high-profile awards shows.

I know there will be some who think I’m making a big deal out of about nothing. “It’s just hair.” But for all the millions of people who watch these events and look at photos of the events – especially the young curlies – wearing hair curly sends a message that curls are glamorous and sexy and yes, award-worthy.

After all, we still live in a time when many women feel the need to straighten their hair for job interviews. Saturday Night Live did a skit earlier this month about the TV show The Bachelor, with one contestant admitting she had a deep, dark secret: “I’m really curly.”

On to the Oscars!

Have you been watching the Red Carpet coverage in recent years and wondering where all the Type 3 curls have gone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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