Juices & Botanics is a natural hair care company founded by celebrity natural hair growth and care expert, Whitney Eaddy (The Growth Guru). Whitney is known as the “Afro-Whisperer“ for her ability to grow natural hair to amazing lengths. With over 16 years of experience, Whitney used her unique understanding of caring for natural hair to create Juices & Botanics. This haircare brand celebrates self-love, self-care, and sisterhood through a blend of botanicals, roots, herbs, and nurturing ingredients that promote hair growth and optimal health. She is an HBCU alumni and used her degree in Public Relations and Marketing to build her brand. She used her experience with chemical relaxers to create a line of products that would empower and invigorate women of color to embrace and love their natural hair. Juices & Botanics offers a variety of products intended to nourish, cleanse, hydrate, and protect natural hair.

What I’m Looking to Achieve: 

My curls are a blend of 3A-3C and have been on a long road to recovery from 3 years worth of color damage. I usually wear my hair down, in a ponytail, or bun so I try to look for products that will be hydrating, moisturizing, and help define my curls. I often experience dryness between wash days that is only heightened in the summertime so I need products with rich ingredients that will save me some time between wash days.

The Products (The Juice Box Lux):

  • The Juice Detox Deep Cleanser - This shampoo helps to purify your hair without stripping it of its natural moisture. Its ingredients include charcoal, sage, rice water, and tea tree oil.
  • The Juicy Smooth Conditioner - A hydrating conditioner to help detangle curls during wash day and provide essential nutrients and vitamins to the hair.
  • The Juice Cleanse CoWash - A detangling co-wash that is formulated to help reduce tangles between wash days and can help alleviate dryness and provide hydration.
  • The Juice Replenishing Leave-In Spray - An ultra-lightweight spray that helps to eliminate tangles, manageability, luster, and elasticity.
  • The Quench Cream - A leave-in conditioner that can provide an added boost of frizz protection and restore natural moisture.
  • The Drip - A healthy hair growth elixir to help seal in hydration, soften hair, and stimulate hair growth.
  • The HydraCream Cream - A cream formulated with honey, aloe juice, and mango seed butter. The lightweight formula is supposed to help with dry hair issues.
  • The Juicy Curl Cream - A curl defining cream formulated with grapefruit oil and mango seed butter to create soft, defined, and hydrated curls.
  • Hair Growth Berries - A hair growth accelerator vita gummy you can take to help enhance your hair growth.

The Review

1. First step was to cleanse my hair with the Detoxifying Shampoo which had a very acidic smell and was cleansing to my scalp without stripping my hair. I’ve had some strong clarifying shampoos so I was very happy this cleansed without leaving my hair gasping for moisture.

2. Next I applied the Hydrating Hair Cream and left it on for about 10-15 minutes. This product had alot of slip, a minimal fragrance, and felt very buttery in my hair. It combed through well and washed out well leaving my hair detangled, hydrated, and moisturized.

3. After drying my hair I applied the “Drip” to enhance my hydration and used it liberally across my scalp. This felt like a good blend of oil and water without leaving my scalp with excess oil, it blended well with the existing products.

4. Next was the leave-in spray called “The Juice” which was very lightweight and helped to detangle my curls. I typically would want something a bit heavier in terms of product for a wash day but was happy it detangled my curls and was very hydrating.

5. Last but not least I applied the quench cream which raked well through my hair and added a bit of definition that was needed from the leave-in.

Final Thoughts

Overall this line has a lot of potential with rich ingredients that are natural and extremely beneficial to maintaining healthy curls. I will say since these products are so lightweight they didn’t hold up for my wash-day.

I think because they are mainly cream and water based it doesn’t provide a good hold to maintain definition and reduce frizz over time. I had to re-wash my hair later that week because my hair was soft and frizz versus maintaining a good hold with definition. The standout was the Hydracream which gave instant results after my wash that left my hair shiny, detangled, and ready for the next set of products.

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