Should You Invest in Hair Steamers? Felicia Jones Share Her Recommendations For Using This Tool
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When it comes to curlies giving their strands some much-needed tender-loving deep conditioning treatment, hair steamers are part of the items that make the product list. As the name implies, a hair steamer is a haircare tool designed to open the hair cuticles, allowing for more effective penetration of haircare product ingredients to provide the hair with the utmost nourishment. Hair steamers benefit our strands in so many ways; it is no wonder they keep selling well on the market.

Should You Invest in Hair Steamers? Felicia Jones Share Her Recommendations For Using This Tool
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To fully understand the importance of hair steamers to our hair, we spoke with ManeTrxx Founder and Licensed Cosmetologist, Felicia Jones to get some professional input. We’ve also included some popular hair steamer brands in this article that you should check out.

Could you please tell us about the different types of hair steamers suitable for curly hair?

My favorite type of hair steamer is a tabletop steamer from Amazon that comes with a hood attachment you can sit under or use the face steamer attachment to direct the steam where you need it. I especially like using the facial attachment when refreshing with steam. The Q Redew handheld steamer is also a great option if you prefer more control over your steam application. If all else fails, some people even grab their handheld clothing steamers, but just be sure to hold these further away because sometimes the temperatures are a little hotter than hair steamers.

What benefits do hair steamers like the Felicia Leatherwood Flaxseed Bonnet provide to the hair strands?

I love microwave heat caps with deep treatments or pre-poos to help give a more intense hair treatment. They are especially great for low-porosity hair that has a hard time absorbing products. High-porosity hair can get dry very easily, so doing intense deep treatments can help keep your hair hydrated.

With your experience, what would you say are the best practices to follow when using hair steamers?

Using steam is a great way to help stimulate growth, and is recommended vs constantly wetting your hair in between washes and allowing it to stay wet for long periods. Hair that stays wet too long is prone to a type of damage called hygral fatigue. Using steam allows you to refresh your products and loosen your curls that may have gotten stiff overnight without completely soaking them. 

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Steam also can help loosen up dirt and build up on the scalp when you use it with a pre-poo before cleansing your hair. I said previously I also think steam is great to help give more intense deep treatment when your hair is in need!

What are the maintenance requirements for hair steamers to ensure they remain efficient for an extended period?

Always empty any water in your steamer when finished to ensure you do not get mold or mildew. I also recommend using distilled water to avoid any mineral buildup you can get from tap water. Using a watered-down mixture of white vinegar and distilled water, you can clean your steamer once a month to ensure it’s running properly, but of course, always refer to your manufacturer’s instructions first!



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What’s your experience with hair steamers? Do share with us.

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