It might not even be the dead of winter yet, but trust us when we say this — spring is right around the corner! This spring’s hair color trends will be on Twitter before you know it, so we’re bringing them to you BEFORE the holidays so you can be the trendsetter — not RiRi.

Celebrity stylist Christo lets us in on the 2012 hair color action, and says that neon is out and warmer colors are so in.

“Cinnamon browns will be very big and easy to maintain,” says Christo. “All shades of brunette will be able to achieve this look by toning their color up or down. Red colors will be vibrant. There will be a lot of red wine shades as well as red copper highlights for those who wish to spice up their look.”

Not looking to go brown or red? Blondes have options too!

“Blondes will be warmer and shinier. There will be a lot of low lighters used to warm and caramelize all blondes so that their hair shines and looks vibrant,” says Christo.

Morgan Willhite, creative director at Ouidad Santa Monica, predicts that reds will continue to go strong in 2012, which is perfect for curly gals!

“Reds are hot tones. A great benefit of red tones is the reflection of shine you get. Curly hair tends to be more on the dry side, so anything that adds more shimmer is a go!”

Of course, if you like a more muted, natural look, it doesn’t have to be all about the reds.

“If you like dimensional coloring, the ombre effect is a great trend that looks killer on curly hair!” says Willhite. “The graduated color effect really defines the curls and show definition naturally, without a lot of styling time.”

Whichever way you decide to go for spring, Anthony Dickey of Hair Rules advises that with color and curls, you can’t go wrong!

“Experiment with color!” Dickey says. “Color is enjoying a transformative moment for women who have gone natural, since they are no longer using harsh chemicals to manipulate their texture. The sky is the limit when it comes to color, much like make-up. Ombre-red, warm, golden tones, cayenne and paprika are rich for spring and require little to no commitment on natural textures and look good even as roots come in.”

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Final Thoughts

Be sure you ask your stylists about the pintura or bayalage coloring methods. All these stylists use one of them as they were specifically created for curly hair. So get your curly color on!