Dyeing your hair black on a budget? You can find the following “over the counter” black hair dyes at your local grocery store or drugstore…and for a fraction of the salon price! Just remember: you will have to do touch ups more frequently.

1. L’Oréal Paris Féria- Natural Black, $10.39

This brand has a thick consistency…it will not drip, but it is a little more difficult to apply! Reviewers also warn that you will need more than one box if your hair falls below your collarbone.

2. Garnier Nutrisse- Soft Black, $6.64

This “color creme” comes with grapeseed oil to nourish your hair while you color, and the after-color conditioner boasts avocado, olive, and shea oil! User reviews say that it’s incredibly moisturizing, despite the chemicals!

3. Revlon ColorSilk- Black, $2.99

Revlon’s product is very easy to apply, and at about $2.99 a box, it’s also a great price! It also comes in a wide variety of black shades.

4. Dark and Lovely Reviving Colors- Radiant Black, $4.99

This line has a blend of aloe vera, coconut, and chamomile, making it “a gentle formula that lets you color even after a relaxer treatment.” It also contains no ammonia or peroxide.

5. Clairol Texture & Tones- Silken Black, $4.49

This brand had the best reviews of all five dyes covered in this article. The conditioner included is extremely moisturizing and leaves your hair soft and shiny! This at-home kit is also great for covering gray hair.

A Word of Caution...

Remember, some people are extremely allergic to hair dye! A chemical called paraphenylenediamine (PPD), responsible for protecting your color from fading, is usually to blame. It’s found in commercial hair dyes (at the grocery store and the salon) of all colors. We recommend doing a preliminary test, according to the dye’s accompanying directions, to determine whether you will tolerate the dye. 

If you are sensitive to PPD, you might want to dye your hair the natural way—with henna and indigo!