The colors, cuts and hairstyles if you want to go BOLD this summer.

Summer is coming! Make a fun change to your hair to match the crazy, colorful spirit of the summer season. Here are some unique naturals to inspire you.

Rock The Fro Hawk

Make the fro-hawk your staple this summer! Not only is it edgy, but it gets all your hair out of your face so you don’t burn up from the summer heat.

What You Need
  • Gel
  • Brush
  • hair pins/clips
What to Do
  1. Prep your hair the night before by sleeping in twist strands sealed with butter and oil
  2. In the morning release the twists and fluff your hair
  3. On the right side of your head, use gel to slick your edges back to the middle of your head
  4. Pin your hair where the edges are slicked back
  5. Repeat the slicking and pinning on the left side of the head
  6. Fluff and shape your hair until you are satisfied
  7. Use an afro hair pick for more volume


Check out the lovely Samara Taylor on Instagram: @styledchic_

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Curly Penny

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