If you have been treating your hair with permanent color for years, chances are you have medium to high porosity hair. Choosing a hair conditioner that is not only color-friendly, but also incredibly moisturizing can be hard to find. The following leave-in, daily, and cleansing conditioners are safe enough to preserve your hair color but also will give your curls the sealing hydration powers they need.


Jonathan Product Hydracurls Leave-In Conditioner is made with strengthening vegetable protein to seal the cuticle layer for as little frizz throughout the day as possible. This product is also 100% vegan and works as a great styler, as well–it has the consistency of a mousse, although it is meant to be applied to the hair after a wash.

SheaMoisture Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage Strengthening Styling Milk is also a great dual purpose leave-in for high porosity curls. Baobab Oil and Cilantro Extract refresh second day hair and boost a healthy looking natural sheen in curls while preparing them to resist future damage from styling.

Marrakesh Color Care Leave-In will moisturize and refresh limp curls that lost their shape and definition days after your last wash. Apply this as a styler to minimize frizz, as well.

Daily Conditioners

Carol’s Daughter Tui Moisturizing Conditioner is light enough for daily use, but still rich in its effectiveness. It is free of mineral oil, parabens, and artificial dyes–so it won’t interfere with your existing hair color. Vitamin B-5 and rose extract help soften the curl and allow for a snag-free detangling session with either a wide tooth comb or fingers.

Nubian Heritage EVOO & Moringa Repair Conditioner will act as a protective coat for curly hair that is often manipulated with heat styling tools and color-treated. The main ingredient, olive oil, is an all-natural emollient that seals in moisture and reflects light for days–your best wash-and-go ever.

tgin Moisture Replenishing Conditioner will do just that–replenish. The natural oils in your scalp, and the luster will all be restored into your curls with a few uses of this creamy, thick daily conditioner.

Cleansing Conditioners

Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner is so safe, yet so effective–it won’t blast open your cuticles and leave your scalp pores bare for hair color to escape them. But it will get in and gently remove dirt and product build-up. Starflower seed, primrose, and Linseed oils will restore the natural moisturizing ingredients your scalp already had.

Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner contains herbs and mint essences will give both your scalp and curls the best cleansing experience. This color-friendly co-wash will soothe a naturally dry scalp with rosemary and peppermint while getting rid of all the unnecessary griminess.

Miss Jessie’s Creme de la Curl will soften–not loosen–dry, damaged color-treated curls and provide them with lasting bounce and definition. It will revive hair after uninstalling a longterm protective style, as well.

Do you use a color-safe conditioner?


Devri Velazquez

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