Fall fashion trends are upon us as boutiques and chains across the country swap out their summer dresses for their fall frocks. Shoes and sweaters may abound and offer a shopper a fully fall outfit before October hits, but what hair color trends will be rocking both the runways and your hometown mall this season?

Hair Color Trends

Stylist Allen Ruiz, owner of Jackson Ruiz SalonSpa, says redheads like Christina Hendricks and Florence Welch will be peddling the hot hue trend for the fall.

“Women with any red in their skin should stay away,” says Allen Ruiz. “For those with naturally dark hair, go for a darker red. For blondes, try a strawberry or copper.”

With the fashionably forward bandwagon heading towards autumn reds for their tresses, trying it out and treating it, remember that color protecting products will have your hue outlasting Halloween, and even that turkey dinner.

Styling Products

Of course, color isn’t the only concern forward-focused curlies are considering. Styling options for those new outfits are in order.

Regardless of hair color trends, this fall season, curls are in. According to Ruiz, straight-haired women are adding product and heat to their locks and scrunching to create texture and curl. For those already curly, Ruiz describes the texturing process that creates the “rougher, matted” texture that is becoming all the rage.“Apply product to dry hair, such as Aveda Volumizing Tonic, until hair is about 70% wet,” explains Ruiz. “Then, twist sections of hair and hit with hot air and continue around the head.”

For the curly-haired women looking for a new style sans the heat, elongated curls are expected to be a big hit this fall. To achieve the look, Ruiz recommends styling “around the face.”You should aim for less curl around the face, and use a clay or wax product on dry hair to tone down texture, allowing softer curls to frame your face.

Fall Hairstyles

As for up and coming cuts this fall, Ruiz says that he sees no real trend.

“I have clients coming in and asking for everything from Emma Watson to Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Aniston’s new collarbone length cut.”

With women taking cues from stylish celebrities this fall, curly-tressed women can pick and choose their own desired cuts from the Hollywood lot.

“The collarbone length is great, though,” Ruiz suggests. “You can feel like you still have a lot of hair and put it up, but it’s still manageable.”

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Final Thoughts

Overall, every season has fleeting fashions and hair color trends, but red hues, scrunched tresses and elongated curls are in for the long haul. So stock up on waxes, volumizing sprays and color protecting products while you can — they are sure to be absent from shelves as fall closes in and the trends skyrocket.

Besides, it never ever hurts to get the information and product first — you trendsetter, you.

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