Are you trying to spice up your look this season with some highlights or lowlights by a professional stylist?
pictured: @CurlyEdgy

You've seen your stylist pull out foil for this before, but perhaps you're stuck on the difference between full foils, partial foils when you look at the service list.

When it comes to full or partial foils, it always depends on the look you are trying to achieve. They are the same as highlights, the only difference is if you want your whole hair highlighted or just a few sections. For example, if you’re trying to change an entire hair color, a full foil is the best decision.

What are foil highlights?

Foil highlights are simply a more precise application, and the processing time is a bit less. Aluminum is a heat conductor--as all metals are--so the foils slightly warm up on their own. This contributes to a color mixture highlighting your hair faster than if there were no type of covering used.

What is a full foil?

A full foil is the highlighting service of your entire hair. All of your hair will be parted into sections in order to place foils all around, especially underneath your hair; usually this consists of 45 to 100 foils. For example, if a brunette is trying to get that beach blonde look, a full foiling service (possibly several services) would be required.

What is a partial foil?

Unlike the full foiling service, partial foils are only focused on certain sections of your hair. The most common areas that get highlighted are the top half and side sections of your hair. A partial foil will give you a subtle effect, similar to how the sun lightens your hair.

What's the difference?

If you are trying to attempt a bold look then a full foil would be your best choice, but if a subtler, natural look is the goal, then a partial foil would work best.

Although, full foils is not the only way that you achieve a dramatic look. If you heavily highlight one section of your hair with partial foils, you will be able to save some money and give yourself a bold new look.

Do foils damage the hair?

Any highlighting service can be damaging to your hair if your stylist is not educated and experienced with your type of hair texture. Therefore, it is always important to only make an appointment with a well-researched stylist that you trust and has experience with naturally curly hair.