Introduce yourself.

Hello. I'm Michelle, the Artistic director at Bien Curls Brooklyn NY. I have been wearing my hair natural all my life. There is no other way.

Who inspired you to remain natural?

I was inspired by my mother--she always wore her hair curly. Setting the example that beauty comes from with in, and embracing everything about yourself can be the most powerful gift a young lady growing up can have.

Love yourself, love your hair is what my mother would would tell me every time I complained about my curls.

Tell us your hair color secret.

My current hair color is grey. Like really grey. Every three months I get the BTR treatment at Bien Curls to prevent my hair from becoming dry and to freshen the color. The treatment is like a restart button for your hair, It begins with a deep cleansing process to remove any build up, and restores your curls by balancing the porosity of your hair to reduce dryness. Reviving the natural luster of your hair.

What is your daily routine?

Right now I'm in love with Wella brand of products. They really work wonders on my colored curly hair. I love voluptuous hair so I don't fuss with heavy products or mixing multiple products that will weigh down my curls. I shampoo and condition once every 5 days and deep condition every other wash. I always use a leave-in conditioner, and follow with Wella's Curl Craft Mousse. I apply the mousse with my head flipped over and only apply from the mid-shaft of my hair to the ends. This allows your hair to maintain its natural volume at the roots. Using my fingers as a comb I rake the product through my hair for definition. Next I diffuse my hair with my head still flipped over until dry. I really enjoy the part I  flip my head back up. To see my curls fall into place.  Shake it out and voila voluptuous grey curls.

What does being natural and grey mean to you?

My grey hair is my lifestyle. I call her diamond. I don't wear her she wears me. She defines my style and beliefs on being natural. For me being natural is excepting how your hair grows from your head without any enhancements and appreciating it like a rare diamond. When you value your hair and give it the best. She will reward you with pure flawlessness. I'm just happy the worlds caught up ;)

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