My name is Vic Styles. I'm a wardrobe stylist & fashion blogger living in LA.  I've had natural hair my entire life. I used to hate it so much, that I never really wore it big & curly until recently (the past 4 years).  Taren Guy & Tracee Ellis Ross were both big inspirations for me to just let my hair be wild and free. I loved their beautiful curls & the fearlessness they possess to just be themselves.

My personal styling is constantly evolving so it's difficult to offer an accurate description....such is true of my hair also. I enjoy color, texture, and patterns. I am a true chameleon; there are moments when I'm a minimalist, at times I'm a clash of prints my hair is an extension of my style so it changes with my wardrobe...right now it's pink.
There are thousands of women on the internet who can dress well & just as many with beautiful hair. I use my blog to talk about so much more than those things.

The blogosphere has become so over saturated with fashion bloggers, natural hair vloggers, and beauty mavens that it's so easy to get lost in the mix. I think my ability to be transparent with my audience is what keeps them coming back for more. There are thousands of women on the Internet who can dress well & just as many with beautiful hair. I use my blog to talk about so much more than those things; my readers know about my personal life: my struggle with self confidence, financial issues, boyfriend troubles etc. I think it's refreshing for them to hear a story & to know that they are not alone in the trials & tribulations of life

Surprisingly, negative people are scarce in my life. I am fairly outspoken, so I will always address anyone who goes out of their way to bring bad energy into my space. I like to understand the way people think & I also like for them to understand me. I am all here for a friendly debate. If things turn rude I have no problem blocking people .
I'm a complete free spirit & change is just an inherent part of who I am.
I don't have a 5 year plan because I understand that anything can happen. I do want to be unabashedly happy,  continuing to work my dream job & perhaps build a family. 

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