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Have you been looking to change your hair color for the new season? Before you book your hair appointment with your stylist to dye your hair, it’s important to understand the process and prepare properly. There are some things to consider before your next appointment and questions that you should ask your hair stylist. Like, "How should you prep for your hair appointment?" We spoke with hair stylist and educator, LaToyah Smith of My Toy Art, and she let us know all the details on what to do and what not to do before your next hair color appointment.

Should you wash your hair before dyeing it?

Smith: “Shampooing your hair yourself before coloring isn't always necessary because the stylist needs to see what he or is is working with before a chemical service. I would suggest planning for more time at the Salon and getting it shampooed there. Unless you've already consulted with your stylist and he or she instructed you to do so, it is best not to shampoo your hair before your appointment.”

“Here are a few things not to do prior getting a color service done.”

  • Do not scratch your scalp

  • Do not use CHEMICAL services (at home coloring, tinting or relaxing)

  • Do not install extensions in your hair

  • Do not put stress on the hair (rubber bands, excessive heat (flat iron), or put a lot of products on your hair

  • Do not shampoo with sulfate free shampoo

What's the process for dyeing your hair?

Smith: “When getting a color service you should be 100%  honest about any chemical you've ever put on your hair before this appointment. This will prevent chemical reactions, hair loss or the risk of the color not being entirely accurate. Let your stylist know what you've done, so that they can prevent any problems. Also, be realistic with your expectations. Color is a chemical, and chemical services take time to process and perfect. This is especially true when working to keep the integrity of your hair. An example is if you want to go from jet black to high lift blonde, it cannot be done in one visit, or you won't have any hair! So this is something to think about. Also, have patience and trust your stylist's professional opinion about what your hair can or cannot take and what may or may not work for your hair. Lastly, be sure to purchase color treated products to help keep your color fresh, moisturized and vibrant.”

So now that you know what you should and should not do before getting your hair colored, are you ready to take the plunge?