Are gray hairs getting in the way of feeling your most confident? YouTuber and blogger DailyCurlz says a healthy head of curls is her best accessory, and when her hair is free of grays she feels her most beautiful, confident self. In this video she shares her routine for covering up grays at home, while maintaining the health of her hair. Because she prioritizes hair health, she makes sure to avoid damaging ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. In this video she is using Bigen’s Permanent Hair Color in Light Chestnut. If you’re interested in trying an at-home hair color for your grays or to try a new hair color, here is what you’ll need:

What you’ll need

Simply place the powdered hair dye in your container and add water, then use your brush to apply the dye evenly where you like it. She applied hers to dry hair and left it on for 30 minutes. To see DailyCurlz color her hair, watch the video. She speaks in Spanish and includes English subtitles.


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