As spring approaches each year, pastels take over malls, boutiques and chain stores. It isn’t a new event, and while the fashion industry boasts that this year it’s a bigger trend than ever, every one of us could have predicted that pastels leading up to and immediately after Easter would be popular.

This year, though, the trend is extending farther into the warmer months and it is resonating not solely in what we wear, but has extended to our hair.

From Lauren Conrad’s cotton candy dip-dyed tips to Kelly Osbourne’s almost gray, pastel blue ‘do, celebrities of all ages are embracing the hair-dying trend that’s turning tresses the color of Easter eggs.

And while celebrities may have the ability to easily get pastel hair thanks to top-notch stylists that are just a little bit out of the average person’s budgetary restraints, us 99 percenters aren’t privy to that type of luxury, and temporary dye can be just as expensive as the permanent stuff. What’s an on-trend curly to do?

The answer is simple, as all the best answers are: chalk. That’s right, by using soft pastel chalk (not the oil-based or sidewalk kind”> you can get a quick and easy and totally wash-outable pastel hair color sans expensive and harmful dyes. The process has been a hit with kids and pre-teens and is moving itself right on up to fashionable young women looking for unique solutions to attain celebrity style status.

It ‘s hard times, curlies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay on top of the trends. According to the Columbus Dispatch, applying and getting your desired color is simple and works for all hair colors and hair types.

  1. Begin by applying chalk to dry hair first. If you have darker hair and the chalk isn’t showing up, dampen the hair before applying.
  2. Use a curling or flat iron after chalking to help seal your hair. Be sure that you apply a good heat protectant to your hair before you begin to apply the chalk in order to protect your curls during this step.
  3. Shake or brush the chalk out of your hair before you wash it. Getting chalked hair wet could stain your hair. Shake or brush the chalk out of your hair before you wash it. Getting chalked hair wet could stain your hair. For all hair colors, use a clarifying shampoo to get the color out quickly and easily.
  4. Protect your clothes and hands. Wear gloves and a smock or towel to keep chalk from getting on you while you’re applying it. And be sure not to wear light clothes, because chalk can flake off while it’s in your hair.

Would you use chalk to temporarily dye your curls, coils or waves?

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