Help! What can I do to preserve my hair color? It is already starting to fade!


Another thing to remember about hair color is that you can prolong it and tone it by using a good color depositing shampoo and conditioner. Artec by Loreal used to have a great line of color shampoo and conditioner that could help. Their browns and reds could keep those hair colors looking fresh and vibrant, and the Violet would help tone down brassiness in blondes. Their formula actually contained hair color molecules suspended in the hair care product. Sadly they have discontinued that line, but lists some great alternatives including Tressa Watercolors Color Shampoo, All-Nutrient Color + Shampoo, and Altobella ClayPac Color Depositing Shampoo and Conditioner. Any of these will help prolong your hair color's life and tone down unwanted color.

So wrong for demi or semi permanenent color to not shampoo before service. These types of colors are designed to fade with each shampoo. Why would start off with dirty hair in need of a shampoo and lose color right away? This article came up under semi permanent color. Start with clean damp hair for both semi and demi color. Shame curl talk.