How to Mix Henna & Indigo for Dark Brown Curls

2012-04-04 11:32:16

How to Mix Henna & Indigo for Dark Brown Curls

Add depth and color without damaging your hair.

Many naturals like to avoid adding chemicals and other unnatural things to their hair as much as possible. At the same time, they might need something to add depth and color without causing harm to what they’ve worked so hard to obtain. Luckily, mixing henna and indigo can do this and will provide fantastic results if done correctly. Bonus: it’s also a helpful way for naturally curly girls to cover up grays!

When using henna to dye your hair, avoid prepackaged “henna hair dyes.” While it may seem easier to use something that is ready-to-go, you’ll pay for the convenience. Many of these ready-to-go henna hair dyes have ingredients besides henna mixed into them. Additionally, since you have no control over the henna mixture, you risk your hair coming out a different color that you may anticipate. Often, you will see these listed as “natural” or “herbal” henna hair dyes.

The following is known as the “two-step” henna hair-dyeing technique, though there are clearly more than two steps. The “two steps” refers to doing henna and following it up with indigo for dark brown/black curls.

How To Mix Henna & Indigo

  • Step 1: Protect your workspace! Indigo will dye surfaces blue, and the henna-indigo mixture can turn surfaces any shade of orange, red, blue, green or black. Cover your countertops, floors and any other area you think might get a drop of the mixture during the process. Also, don’t use your best towels (it’s a good idea to have “hennaing towels”) and put on some old clothes. This is also the time to make sure your hair is free of tangles.
  • Step 2: For shoulder-length hair, put 200g of henna powder in a bowl. For dark brown curls, a good mixture would be 100g of Jamila or Rajasthani Twilight plus 100g Dulhan. You can double the amount of henna (400g total) if you’re unsure about how much you’ll need for the length of your hair. It would be best to make too much — and know to adjust the amount next time — than to not have enough!
  • Step 3: Bring about three cups of distilled water to a boil, then toss in three bags of green tea and allow that to brew for a few minutes. Let the tea cool to room temperature. Then, slowly pour the tea (bags removed) into the henna powder using a wooden or plastic spoon until the mixture is the consistency of a thick batter.
  • Step 4: Cover the bowl and seal it tightly, then let it set in a cool, dark place for 12 hours. If you later find that this quantity of henna is too much for the length of your hair, then you can separate the henna into two parts after it has set for 12 hours. Wrap one part in clear plastic wrap and wrap it up in aluminum foil, store it in a freezer bag, then place in the freezer for your next use. Just let the mixture thaw out, and then jump right into step 5!
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Tasha Swearingen

Tasha Swearingen

I was under the impression from (henna specialists) that if you mixed your henna with green tea it only takes 3-4 hours for the color to develop. Double check on that, I think it only takes 12 hours if you're using highly acidic liquid like lemon juice, aloe vera, etc. And I'm speaking from experience.