How to Mix Henna & Indigo for Dark Brown Curls

2012-04-04 11:32:16

How to Mix Henna & Indigo for Dark Brown Curls

Add depth and color without damaging your hair.

Slowly pour the tea (bags removed) into the henna powder using a wooden or plastic spoon until the mixture is the consistency of a thick batter.
  • Step 6: Separate hair into four sections, put on some gloves, and dive right into the henna mix! Start at the roots and apply with hands the same way you would any hair dye.
  • Step 7: Wrap your hair in plastic wrap, then wrap with a towel to catch any drips and allow the henna mixture to sit on your hair for four hours. Note that this length of time varies depending on your hair type and porosity. Type 2s may find that three hours is sufficient while more dry hair, such as type 4 coils, may need to wait the full four hours. Some curlies prefer to leave the henna mixture on overnight so as not to deal with waiting, watching and rinsing immediately.
  • Step 8: Put on a new pair of gloves, then dunk your hair into a filled tub to remove most of the henna mixture. You can get the remaining henna out in the sink. Then, mix together 50g of indigo powder, a dash of salt and enough water to make a very thick paste.
  • Step 9: Using glove-covered hands, apply the indigo mix to your hair. Adding indigo to henna'ed hair is what will give your hair that dark brown/black color!
  • Step 10: Wrap your hair in plastic wrap and cover with a shower cap. Then sit under the heat for one hour.
  • Step 11: Finally, hop into the shower and rinse everything out of your hair! It may take a few rinses before everything comes out completely. Follow this up with a deep condition.

How do you mix henna for fabulous color?

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Tasha Swearingen

Tasha Swearingen

I was under the impression from (henna specialists) that if you mixed your henna with green tea it only takes 3-4 hours for the color to develop. Double check on that, I think it only takes 12 hours if you're using highly acidic liquid like lemon juice, aloe vera, etc. And I'm speaking from experience.