If you were so bold as to dye your hair purple (or any fantasy color), you may have found by now that it does not stay bold forever. With every wash, semi permanent hair dyes fade until you are left with a washed out version of your former glory. Fortunately, it is very simple and easy to touch up your color without going to the salon or creating a mess in your home.

Our Social Media Manager Evelyn has been rocking blue and purple hair since last year and by now she is a pro at refreshing her color. She is rocking an the ombre look with natural, dark roots and purple ends so she chose to touch up the color of her ends. However, if she wanted to color all of her hair purple she would need to bleach her roots first so that the color would show up. Purple or any vibrant color will not show up on naturally dark hair without lightening it first. Here is Evelyn's routine:

  1. Start with clean hair. If you have Type 4 coils like Evelyn then she recommends stretching your hair first, she sleeps with her hair in twists overnight. Stretching your hair helps you see the full length of your hair more easily, ensuring that you do not miss any sections.
  2. Divide your hair into sections using clips. This is crucial so that you can apply color to each section and apply the dye without the rest of your hair getting in the way.
  3. Put on plastic gloves before you start so as not to stain your hands purple.
  4. Apply your color using your fingers to comb the product through your strands, finger detangling as you distribute the color evenly. Evelyn used Bigen Vivid Shades in Royal Purple.
  5. Once your section is saturated in color, two strand twist or bun it and clip it again. Then move on to the next section. 
  6. When you've completed all of the sections, put on a shower cap and let the color sit for 30 minutes.
  7. Rinse with cool water, do not shampoo.

Evelyn repeats this process every 6 weeks or so, or whenever her hair color starts to look faded.

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