My Curly Hair Transformation: A Personal Journey Through Color
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I’ve always believed that changing our hair color is one of the many ways we women express ourselves, showcasing our personality and current mood through the spectrum of colors we choose. My journey with my curly hair, filled with triumphs and setbacks, is a testament to this adventurous spirit. 

Starting with tentative blonde highlights, moving on to a boldly into the realm of reds, and eventually returning to my natural black, each phase of my hair color adventure has taught me invaluable lessons. It’s been a path of self-discovery, resilience, and developing a deeper connection with my curls. 

This narrative isn’t just about switching hues; it’s about embracing every aspect of our hair’s potential and the profound insights gained along the way. Along this colorful path, I’ve discovered hair products that have become essential allies, guiding me toward healthier, happier curls.

The Blonde Ambition

My Curly Hair Transformation: A Personal Journey Through Color

My curly hair journey began in 2016, motivated by the desire to heal my hair from the extensive damage caused by years of chemical treatments and heat styling. Determined to revive what was left of my hair, I embraced a healthier hair care regimen.

Just four months into this new journey, I couldn’t resist the temptation to add color to my hair. Aware of the potential risks coloring posed to my delicate curls, I sought a solution to minimize damage. This led me to discover Olaplex, a product known for preserving hair’s structural integrity during coloring. I made it a point to discuss using Olaplex with my stylist, emphasizing its importance in my hair treatment plan.

I committed to a rigorous routine to support my hair’s health further and ensure a positive outcome from the coloring process. This included weekly deep conditioning to moisturize and nourish my hair deeply and protein treatments designed to strengthen and repair any potential damage caused by coloring. Together, these steps formed a comprehensive strategy to achieve a successful hair transformation, balancing the desire for new hair color with the need to maintain healthy, resilient curls. By the following year, my efforts had paid off, and my hair’s health was fully restored, as seen in the photo below.

My Curly Hair Transformation: A Personal Journey Through Color

However, I hadn’t realized that my stylist planned to use a stronger bleach for this next step. This led to significant damage to my curls, making them brittle, prone to breakage, and excessively dry. Although the photo below captures the visible damage—noticeably stretched-out curls—it fails to convey the full extent of the dryness. My hair’s texture had deteriorated to the point where it felt like straw, devoid of moisture and elasticity, illustrating a cautionary tale about the potential risks of aggressive bleaching.

My Curly Hair Transformation: A Personal Journey Through Color

This challenging setback was undeniably devastating, yet it was a powerful catalyst for me to reevaluate and strengthen my approach to hair care. In response to the damage, I doubled my commitment to returning my hair to health. It was then time to upgrade my routine to include deep conditioning sessions twice weekly to replenish and hydrate my curls more intensely. I also maintained the regimen of regular protein treatments to rebuild and fortify my hair’s structure.

In my quest for solutions, I incorporated three essential products into my regimen with a fresh perspective. First, I began using Righteous Roots Oils as a pre-poo treatment. While this product wasn’t new to me, applying it before shampooing marked a novel and effective method in my routine. It provided my hair with essential nutrients and extra protection during washing.

Additionally, I discovered the Roux Porosity Control Corrector and Conditioner, which specifically targeted my hair’s extreme dryness by improving its ability to retain moisture. Lastly, I explored the traditional practice of rice water rinses, which are renowned for their hair-strengthening properties. Together, these steps were instrumental in reviving my curls (as seen in the photo below), demonstrating the importance of adaptability and targeted care in overcoming hair health obstacles.

This experience taught me the importance of clear communication with my hairstylist, highlighting how crucial it is to discuss and understand every product and technique used in my hair care process.

My Curly Hair Transformation: A Personal Journey Through Color

The Bold Move to Red

My Curly Hair Transformation: A Personal Journey Through Color

In 2019, the call for change whispered once more, guiding me toward the vibrant allure of red. The transition was smooth, with no initial damage to report. However, maintaining red hair proved to be its own labyrinth. Toner became my constant companion, though it was an inconsistent relationship. Despite my efforts, the red hues faded, never returning to their original luster.

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This chapter taught me the necessity of understanding the maintenance landscape before diving into a new color. Research became my beacon, guiding me through the complexities of red hair upkeep.

Return to Blonde and the Ultimate Price

Relocating to a new city led to a chance encounter at the gym with a woman whose blonde, curly hair was the vibrant shade I had been dreaming of. This serendipitous meeting reignited my desire for blonde highlights, prompting me to pursue that perfect shade again. Initially, I was thrilled with the results, but soon, I longed for a more consistent, all-over blonde look.

Motivated by the stunning blonde curls of a woman I met at the gym, I sought out her colorist to achieve a similar vibrant shade. The colorist proposed using distinct bleaching formulas to address my naturally black hair and the previously highlighted sections. The goal was to achieve a consistent, all-over blonde hue.

Unfortunately, this intricate plan resulted in significant and unforeseen negative consequences. A few months later, my hair began to fall out in large quantities, an alarming situation that proved resistant to my extensive care regimen. Despite my diligent use of protein treatments, deep conditioning, and K18 Leave-In Hair Treatment—a product I chose based on its clinical reputation for repairing bleach-damaged hair—it seemed my hair’s condition had deteriorated beyond the point of repair by these methods. This experience underscored that some damage might be too extensive for even the most highly recommended products to mitigate.

This unfortunate turn of events taught me a valuable lesson about the potential hazards of intensive chemical processing. It underscored the necessity of exercising caution and restraint in hair coloring endeavors. Additionally, I realized that I had overlooked my initial instincts about the colorist’s method for lightening my hair. Deep down, I sensed this approach might not suit my hair’s condition, so I proceeded. This served as a reminder of the importance of listening to one’s intuition, especially regarding decisions affecting our hair’s health. As it turned out, my hair was simply unprepared for such a drastic change.

Embracing Natural Black

My Curly Hair Transformation: A Personal Journey Through Color

Exhausted by the color carousel, I’ve returned to my roots—figuratively and literally. Transitioning to my natural black hair symbolizes a return to simplicity and health.

In the image, you can see the current state of my hair as I’m transitioning from blonde back to my natural black. The faded blonde ends are growing out, while my natural black color is reasserting itself from the roots. It’s a challenging process that doesn’t always look as graceful as I’d like, but I’m committed to avoiding the “big chop.” Instead, I’ve let the black curls grow longer and trim off the blonde ends when I’ve achieved a length that satisfies me. This phase of my hair journey may not be picture-perfect, but it reflects patience and my personal growth.

Now, on to the second aspect of my journey:

The transformation of my hair’s porosity from high to low has been an unexpected twist, prompting me to rethink my products. I’ve turned to a new lineup that includes Righteous Roots Leave-In Conditioner, Bounce Curl Leave-In Conditioner, and Jessicurl products, all of which have proven incredibly effective. These products have seamlessly integrated into my hair care routine, addressing the unique needs of my changing hair texture and porosity. It’s been like reconnecting with an old friend who has changed over time and relearning what they like and dislike. Adapting to these changes has not only improved the health of my curls but also deepened my understanding and appreciation for them as they evolve.

Product Recommendations Through the Journey

Throughout this journey, several products have stood out for their restorative and nurturing properties:

1. Olaplex No. 3: A beacon during my initial foray into blonde, safeguarding my hair’s integrity.

2. Righteous Roots Oils: A savior in the aftermath of over-bleaching, fostering recovery.

3. Roux Porosity Control Corrector and Conditioner: Key in managing my hair’s porosity post-damage.

4. Righteous Roots Leave-In ConditionerBounce Curl Leave-In Conditioner, and Jessicurl Products have become indispensable in my routine. Together, they create a powerhouse trio that deeply nourishes my natural curls. Each product serves a distinct purpose, addressing the specific needs and phases of my hair’s health journey. Together, they provide a well-rounded regimen that ensures my curls receive the holistic care and attention they deserve.

Lessons Learned

This journey has been more than just a series of color changes—it’s been a profound learning experience. My key takeaways have been the importance of gradual transitions, the necessity of ongoing communication with stylists, and the need for a tailored hair care regimen. Each color chapter has imparted wisdom, sometimes learned through hardship but always leading to growth.

Reflecting on this journey, it’s clear that the path to healthy, vibrant curls is both complex and rewarding. It requires patience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to understanding one’s hair. My story, punctuated by triumphs and tribulations, serves as a guide for those navigating the colorful world of curly hair. It reminds us that while the journey may be fraught with challenges, the destination—a head full of healthy, happy curls—is worth every step.

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