At the Bronner Bros International Hair Show, the deep and lasting influence of the natural hair community on the hair industry was evident everywhere I looked! It’s amazing to see just as many hairpieces that reflect natural hair of all textures. There was even a booth dedicated to weaves specifically for natural curly hair. So many well-known brands are branching out to incorporate lines that meet the needs of curly girls. Bronner Bros alone has developed three different lines for the naturally curly hair community!

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Other than the abundance of curly textures, the biggest trend at the Bronner Bros Hair Show this year was color! Whether it was coily, curly or somewhere in between, up ‘do’s, braids, loc’s or wash and gos, the hair you were born with or the hair you bought, multi-faceted browns, vivid reds and bright blondes abounded.

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We all know that as curly girls, our hair structure lends to losing moisture a lot easier than our straight haired sisters. Adding hair color can change not only the texture of your hair, but can also damage it if not utilized properly. Renowned hair stylist and curly hair specialist Deshonica Kerrie recommends using semi or demi permanent colors if possible or going to a professional for high lift color.

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Not ready to take the plunge and go for a full head of color? Try highlights! When well placed and combined with the right hair cut, highlights are a great way to experiment with color and add warmth and dimension to your hair.

More coverage of the Bronner Bros International Hair Show to come!

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