When a woman gets a new hair color, it’s really on and poppin!

When a woman gets a new hair color, it’s really on and poppin! A new color can be compared with the way we feel when see Serena Williams in a gorgeous dress and stilettos. We know she embodies our super sexy #bodygoals when she dominates on the tennis court, but when she hits us with that red carpet – Serena “Sasha Fierce” ensemble, we can’t keep our eyes off her.  A woman rocking a new hair color that’s poppin’ can have us feeling the same way! Color allows her to exude a different kind of sauce; a new twist of sexy, power, and pizazz!  So here’s some hot color crush options for natural hair. Let the salon be your oyster for 2017! 

Hot Copper

You got your big chop, you’ve done a few twists, but now you’re BORED!  If you’re that woman who has a lot more inner sassiness to you than what meets the eye, this could be your color crush move.  Hot Copper is a great shade for women who are stagnant with their current styling regimen.  It’s a very forgiving tone that can range from warmer to cooler complexions.  Despite the fiery connotation and resistance, we’re taught to have with hot colors, it works well as a hair color for most “sistas”.  It’s actually a safer color that can be very complimentary with lots of styling options.

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Bombshell Blonde

If you want to explore standing out everywhere you go, this is your color!  Bombshell blonde in any of its variations gives you that showstopper look (just ask Beyoncé and Amber Rose”>. When you walk in a room with blonde hair, you will get attention. This works well for the woman who may have an introverted personality – but has a desire to stand out and make a social splash.  Blonde accentuates detail and definition within the hair strands.  If you have a very tight curl and can’t see the loop/coil, a high lift color like blond can elongate those curls.

Jet Black

The most elegant of affairs are called “Black Tie” for a reason.  Classic never goes out of style!  Black is your ace in the hole.  If your hair seems too dry, doesn’t shine, or doesn’t look full – Jet Black will give you an illustrious finish to your hair.  Black is every color so it reflects light and creates a prism, which gives the ultimate illusion of instant fullness.  This is why Black is used a lot in photography and hair campaigns. Black will always be bold and beautiful!

Color Pop Takeaway

Keep in mind, Rome was not built in a day – and neither is poppin’ color!    Set realistic expectations and commit to the color process.  When it comes to color, there is no one shade fits all.  The level of lightness will vary based on how dark or light your hair is.  Don’t expect to have a semi black color for a long time, and then switch to a light color like red or blonde on the first go – it takes a process.

If you have been getting semi or demi black for a long time, and you want a blonde or hot copper, set that as a goal for the summer and stop the semi/demi color in the winter to achieve that lighter color lift.  Let those pigments naturally fade from the hair so it can be a much gentler process to achieve the color desired.

Are any of these colors speaking to you?

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