You’ve probably found yourself wondering in the past if it’s really worth shelling out the big bucks to go to a salon to have your services done for your hair or if you should just try the options that are available for the comfort of your home for a much more affordable price.  The answer isn’t the same for everyone or everyone’s hair type but there are some general guidelines when choosing which is best for your own hair.

Do at home

All-Over Hair Color 

Box color is not the same as it used to be, now it’s easy to find options that will add depth of color and long lasting results that you can do for yourself in your own home.  It’s important to consider that if you do this for yourself you will have to take care to keep it off your skin to prevent unwanted color being deposited on your face or ears.  


While it is tempting to want someone else to hold a blow-dryer for you when doing a blowout it really is something that you can do at home with salon results.  To do a blowout for yourself be sure to pick yourself up some products to protect your hair from the heat of your blow-dryer and a quality round brush to make sure your hair will last for days.


It seems like extensions have been all the rage lately in the beauty scene, but they are not the ones you get done in a salon.  Although they are something you have to put in daily if you want that look all the time, the ease with which most clip into your hair makes it worth it to splurge on a nice set for yourself rather than spending the money every other month to have them done.

Go to a Salon


There are many different feelings on cutting your hair yourself and while some people are able to with great results, if you are uncertain about it then it is probably best to go to a salon.  Since a haircut is at the base of how your hair will style it is important for it to be done well in order for you to get your best curls, it’s okay to be picky when choosing a hairstylist, ask a lot of questions and make sure you know what you are getting before it is done.


While all-over color is something that can pretty easily be done at home, highlights don’t fall into the same category.  Since you have to carefully choose when the placement of the highlights go to make sure they look the best, it is better to just let a professional deal with where exactly frames your face best and how long to leave it on for the correct color development.


Another thing that is best left to the professionals is a chemical perm.  If you are unsure of what you are doing you can do some serious damage to your hair by trying to do an at home perm, you may end up paying more trying to fix it than if you had just gone to the salon originally.

How to find a salon

When looking for a salon it’s important to make sure you find one that is good for you and your hair texture to make sure you get the best results possible, luckily there are lots of resources for you to utilize to make sure you find the stylist that is right for you.

  • NaturallyCurly Salon Finder – Here you can search by city or state to find a curly hair salon near you and salons can be rated and reviewed based on others experiences.

  • Yelp – It’s not just for finding a new restaurant for yourself, by searching here for curly salons you can find stylists who may not be at a curly specific salon but that other users have had great luck with on their natural hair.

  • DevaCurl – If you want to specifically find a Devacurl trained or inspired stylist you can go straight to Devacurl’s website and find all the stylists in your area with that qualification.

What do you go to a salon for, and what do you do at home? Share in the comments below!

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