If you’ve been looking for reliable semi-permanent hair colors, reach for a brand that offers minimal drippage and long lasting color that will have you looking fashionable from season to season. The semi-permanent colors in the infographic below offer you shiny, color-rich curls due to their ammonia- and hydrogen peroxide-free formulas that discourage dry scalp and ends.

Intensive Ruby Red by Bigen

Nothing’s as hot as red, and with Intensive Ruby Red you’re going to melt hearts and minds with your sexy curls. Just because the color red can evoke visions of sweltering summer temperatures, you won’t have to worry about dried out, damaged strands. This semi-permanent hair color is a gentle, oil-rich, and conditioning. No matter your hair type, this color treatment will leave your hair shiny, soft and beautiful.

Natural Black by Bigen

Did you know that no matter the year: Black will always be the New Black? Flaunt your classic look with this semi-permanent color that never goes out of style. Excellent for gray hair coverage, Natural Black is one of the most flattering colors of the season. Dare to be beautiful in your most natural looking state, all year long.

Passion Pink by Bigen

Do you have a zest for life? Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Are you tough, sensible and still a little more fun that the average gal? Then you’re ready to jump into Passion Pink this season! Show off your zany personality with the ultimate attention-getting semi-permanent color that will nourish your curls with honey, beeswax & sunflower.

Karyn A. of Austin, TX was eager to try a new color on her already bleached hair. Fitting her bright, bold personality, she chose Passion Pink by Bigen. She told me that her color lasted “about six weeks,” which is a true testament to this semi-permanent color’s staying power.

Excited about your new curl color? Tell me in the comments section below this Bigen-sponsored post which of these stunning colors you’ll try this season. I’m not as bold as Karyn, but maybe I’ll branch out and try that classic Natural Black… Until next time, stay curly!

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