25 Salons to Bookmark For Your 2024 Appointments
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Hair is important. It can make us feel good (and it can make us feel really bad). It can also be challenging to change texture entirely with the onset of rain, stubbornly deciding not to straighten or curl depending on who knows what reason. Luckily, experts are ready to show us how to care for our hair correctly.

But hair is also not just hair; the stylists working at these salons know this, too. Every appointment builds a relationship between you and your hair and the stylist you share stories with for an afternoon, who treats and transforms your crown.

Therefore, many of the following salons pride themselves on the education they offer their clients. They know how important it is to share healthy hair care tips with everyone who comes through their door, keeping you feeling better for longer.

As the party season arrives, we have compiled some of the best hair salons throughout the U.S. so you can go into the new year feeling your best. 

1. Glamour Braids & Weaves, Alaska

The Glamour Braids & Weaves team knows that each head of hair is unique and deserves tailored care, and they have the staff to do it. With hairdressers and stylists trained to work with curly, kinky, coiled, wavy, straight, and mixed hair types, you will surely come away with a perfect haircut.

One of the few natural hair salons in the region, the hairdressers here will take the time to teach you about your natural hair and how to take the best care of it. 

Glamour Braids & Weaves Specializes in…

Anchorage dreadlocks, hair extensions, and hair braiding.

Services Offered:

  • Dreadlocks
  • Hair braiding
  • Hair coloring
  • Hair extensions
  • Hair relaxing
  • Hairstyling
  • Natural hair salon
  • Sew-ins
  • Silk press hair

2. Drastic Dreads Salon & More, Iowa

Drastic Dreads Salon & More is a family business. The first employee for owner Javonna English was her relative GeGe. Javonna aspires to be the “master of dreadlocks” in the Quad Cities, and her creative designs and 18-year track record in the industry have her dream lined up to be a reality. 

Drastic Dreads Salon & More Specializes in

Dreadlocks: how to re-twist them, crochet, knit, and combine them. This salon is currently hiring new stylists to expand its service offering.

Services Offered:

  • Hair braiding
  • Dreadlocks

3. NAPPS Natural Hair Salon, Missouri

Opened in 1991, NAPPS Natural Hair Salon was one of St. Louis’ first natural hair salons. They’ve continued for the last 30 years to provide high-quality loc maintenance and extensions.

NAPPS Natural Hair Salon specializes in…

Loc maintenance and extensions.

Services Offered:

  • Haircuts
  • Retwists and reconstructions
  • Re-twists with styling
  • Loc repairs, treatments, and extensions
  • Hair braiding
  • Hair coloring

4. Textured Press, New York

Textured Press wants you to spend less time in the salon. With premium products and techniques honed through years of experience working with natural hair, Textured Press’ blowout and silk press services will make you look radiant and help you maintain your hair between visits. 

Textured Press specializes in…

Silk press services and specialized hair care treatments.

Services Offered:

  • Textured silk press
  • Textured blowout
  • Hydration therapy
  • Protein therapy
  • Hot oil therapy 
  • Hair refresh

5. Naturally Chic Salon, Ohio

This curly hair salon is designed to simplify your routine to help you nurture your curls and feel more confident every day. Their mission? “To make you fall in love with your curls all over again.”

Naturally, Chic Salon specializes in…

Curly hair. They offer lessons and tailored consultations to work with your unique hair.

Services Offered:

  • Natural hair discovery (including consultation, treatment, trim, restyle, product recommendation, and customized regime)
  • Curl cut
  • Curl detox plan
  • Curl scalp care
  • Coloring

6. Pressed Roots, Texas

No photo description available.

A luxury salon and spa in one, Pressed Roots will have you looking and feeling your best, too. They cater to all hair types, so prepare for the most relaxing hair-care experience. 

Pressed Roots specializes in…

Combined services (spa and hair care). 

Services Offered:

  • Silk blowout
  • Hydrating spa package (to have before other services to stimulate the scalp, hydrate the hair, and prep for the styling)
  • Mini press (for girls of up to 8 years old)
  • Private press (one-on-one pampering experience for customers who prefer quieter sessions)

7. Life’s Salon, Washington

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Life’s Salon has been serving the Seattle community for over ten years and provides premium hair care for all at affordable prices. 

8. Pennie’s Full-Service Salon, Wisconsin

Pennie’s Full Service Salon does it all. Beard trims, eyebrow threading, haircuts, restyles, and more – Pennie’s is the place to be. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it’s the perfect place to stop after a day at the waterparks.

Pennie’s Full-Service Salon specializes in…

Providing a holistic service at affordable prices.

Services Offered:

  • Hair cuts
  • Twists and braids
  • Relaxers
  • Locs 
  • Color services
  • Hair extensions
  • Weaves

9. A Shade of Vintage Coloring Salon, Wyoming

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This is where to head if you’re considering changing your hair color. A Shade of Vintage Coloring Salon specializes in “impactful hair experiences,” so be prepared for experienced stylists with profound hair care and coloring know-how. 

10. MOBB Beauty & Braids, New Mexico

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MOBB Beauty & Braids specializes in braids, locs, and protective styles but has also pioneered its natural hair care product, HairGanyx, made from plants and herbs. They will work with you to overcome hair issues from chemical styling (for example, perms and bleaching), heat damage, or health-related. 

MOBB Beauty & Braids specializes in…

Braids, locs, and protective styles.

Services Offered:

  • Hair coloring (dimensional highlighting and lowlighting, balayage, baby lights, all-over color, and more)
  • Hair cutting
  • Treatments (olaplex, deep conditioning, bond building, keratin smoothing)
  • Hair extensions (hand-tied/machine-sewn weft, keratin bond fusion, micro bead, and more)

11. Peaches Cultural Hair, Massachusetts

Owned by a stylist of the same name, Peaches Cultural Hair was started with the passion for helping customers realize their fashion and beauty goals through their natural hairstyles. Peaches worked in Trinidad and Tobago before coming to Boston, and these experiences have formed the diverse range of care she offers, from braiding to cornrows. 

Peaches Cultural Hair specializes in…

Educating about and caring for natural hairstyles.

Services Offered:

  • Locs (with coils or comb twist, interlocks, instant locs, and more)
  • Braids and Extensions (micro braids, goddess braids, crochet braids, and more)
  • Hair, scalp, and locs (haircuts and washes and scalp treatments)
  • Natural hairstyles (cornrows, Nubian knots, and flat twists)
  • Extensions
  • Custom hair care courses

12. C&R Beauty Bar, Kentucky

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From custom cuts to extensions, make-up, and bridal services, C&R Beauty Bar has you covered. But this beauty bar is not just that. It is also a “teaching salon,” offering classes and seminars on hair care and beauty. With stylists with over twenty years of experience, you’ll be sure to leave the salon with a head full of hair care knowledge. 

C&R Beauty Bar specializes in…

“Louisville’s Premier Salon for Curly and Natural Hair Services” C&R specializes in the care and treatment of curly hair.

Services Offered:

  • Curly hair treatments
  • Hair extensions
  • Loc services
  • Bridal services

13. Beauty Theory, Hawaii

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“Be Beautiful. Be Confident. Be You.” Beauty Theory works to create an “ecosystem” between client and stylist that works to create a beautiful haircut based on your needs and desires and the stylist’s expert skill. Their tagline encapsulates their driving motivation, and we think it’s pretty good. 

Beauty Theory specializes in…

Extension and hair braiding.

Services Offered:

  • Extension services (including hand-tied extensions)
  • Hair braiding 
  • Wedding and bridal services (including hair care and make-up)

14. Daze Studio, California

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The Daze Studio has been styling and maintaining curly hair for over 23 years, and it has become known as the place to get your curly hair cared for in San Diego. As a curly-haired stylist herself, owner Daisy Henson is well-placed to give you the best style advice in town.

The Daze Studio specializes in…

The treatment and styling of curly hair.

Services Offered:

  • Curly hair cuts
  • Curly hair restyles
  • Hair coloring

15. BASWA Hair Cultivating Studio, Colorado

This sister-owned salon empowers Black men and women to lift each other through developing and maintaining strong minds and bodies. They have been in the business for over two decades and know that meaningful this is done through caring for your hair. Head to them for a cut with a difference. 

BASWA Hair Cultivating Studio specializes in…

Art, hair care, and community building.

Services Offered:

  • Loc services (starters, re-twists, repairs, micro locs, extensions, and restyling)
  • Hair braiding
  • Curl defining
  • Haircuts and treatments
  • Extensions

16. The Hydra Bar Salon, Florida

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The Hydra Bar Salon was one of the first to end the use of oils and butters to treat curly hair. Their unique ‘Hydra method’ centers healthy hydration in curly hair for natural care.

Maintaining curly hair is one of the salon’s primary concerns. Rhonda, the owner of The Hydra Bar Salon, had always wanted curly hair but was told by her stylist that it was impossible. Instead of accepting this, Rhonda experimented on herself until she had the curls of her dreams, all out using traditional methods. 

The Hydra Bar Salon specializes in…

Hydration hair treatments.

Services Offered:

  • Natural hair services
  • Hydration treatments (Hydra Set Method)

17. Southern Girl Natural Hair Studio, Kansas


Your crown is your glory, reminds Southern Girl Natural Hair Studio. This studio is about empowering clients to love their natural hair, so their services do not include texture-altering treatments like perms and relaxers. Instead, head to their salon for natural hair care and coloring. 

Southern Girl Natural Hair Studio specializes in…

Natural hair care and protection services.

Services Offered:

  • Haircuts (textured haircut and women’s haircut)
  • Natural hair care (including blowout/silk press)
  • Hair color
  • Protective styling (braids, cornrows, crochet hairstyle and more)

18. Salon S.C., Pennsylvania

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Voted the Best Black-Owned Salon by the Pittsburgh City Paper in 2022, this salon will have you looking and feeling your best. Their services extend to teaching you about proper hair care before you leave the salon, too, for long-lasting results. 

Salon S.C. specializes in…

Comprehensive hair care across four different stylists with individual expertise.

Services Offered:

  • Hair cuts and ‘sickout’
  • Natural hair care
  • Recurls
  • Braids
  • Sew-ins
  • Weaves

19. Divine Hair Boutique & Salon, Tennessee

Divine Hair Boutique & Salon offers everything from sew-in services to eyelash extensions. They also provide hair loss restoration as well as cuts and colors. Owner Cherylline Divine Israel Jones shares her expertise with clients, teaching classes locally and delivering international courses in Africa. 

Divine Hair Boutique & Salon specializes in…

Hair cuts and care that extend beyond the salon. They have a range of products and expert advice to keep your hair in premium condition.

Services Offered:

  • Haircut and style
  • Extensions
  • Hair colors
  • Braids (crochet, micro, box, cornrows, and kinky twists)
  • Hair loss treatments

20. Jade Multicultural Salon, Virginia

No photo description available.

The stylists at Jade want you to look and feel your best every day. Specializing in custom color, precision cuts, and natural styles for both men and women, Jade is dedicated to serving their community by making people feel great and educating them about how to best care for their hair. 

Jade Multicultural Salon specializes in…

Custom color, precision cuts, and natural styles for men and women.

Services Offered:

  • Hair cuts
  • Hair treatments (including keratin treatments and moisture fills)
  • Natural styling 
  • Hair coloring
  • Locs
  • Hair texture treatments (relaxers and retouches)
  • Hair extensions

21. The Glam Beautique Salon, South Dakota

The stylists at The Glam Beautique Salon know what they’re doing, and their consistently high-ranking reviews are a testament to this: “Sam is knowledgeable and REALs hair!” said one delighted customer in their comments section. 

The Glam Beautique Salon specializes in…

Comprehensive treatments and coloring services.

Services Offered:

  • Silk press
  • Relaxer treatments
  • Keratin treatments
  • Hair color
  • Hair extensions and removal
  • Hair braiding
  • Sew-ins

22. Mane Results Salon, Oklahoma

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Mane Results Salon offers a holistic hair-care experience. Established in 2009, the stylists share their expertise in a range of classes, including ‘texture basics,’ to learn about heat styling, how to enhance natural textures, and just what it takes to color dark hair properly. 

Mane Results Salon specializes in…

They are educating customers on how best to care for their hair.

Services Offered:

  • Haircut and style
  • Hair texturing services
  • Hair extensions
  • Hair coloring
  • Education services

23. Glow Hair Braiding, New Hampshire

“If I could give them 100 stars, I would!” The reviews on the Glow Hair Braiding website speak for themselves. From micro braids to Senegalese twists, this salon has the knowledge, skills, and experience to make you feel powerful in your hair. 

Glow Hair Braiding specializes in…

Hair braiding and sew-ins.

Services Offered:

  • Haircut and style
  • Hair braiding (including box braids with French curls and cornrows)
  • Locs
  • Sew-ins
  • Stitch ponytails

24. Cultured Roots MT, Montana

No photo description available.

Cultured Roots MT welcomes everyone, no matter the texture of your hair or its damage level. Owner Destini taught herself how to braid after an injury ended her basketball career. If you’re looking for service with a smile – and some great stories – head over to see Destini in Montana today.

Cultured Roots MT specializes in…

Hair braiding and education.

Services Offered:

  • Hair braiding
  • Hair extensions
  • Hair styling
  • Natural Hair services
  • Hair twists
  • Education services

25. A Touch of Te’ Hair Studio, Maryland

Silk Press on Natural Hair.

The Baltimore community has been treated to A Touch of Te’ Hair Studio for the last 15 years – and counting. The stylists believe you can have the best, healthiest hair, unique to you. They are both a hair salon and a hair care salon, equipped with a range of treatments, from hair weaves to keratin treatments, designed to have your hair looking the best it ever looked.  

A Touch of Te’ Hair Studio specializes in…

Holistic hair and beauty care. Hair braiding and henna are both on the menu here.

Services Offered:

  • Hair extensions 
  • Haircut and styles
  • Natural Hairstyles
  • Hair braiding
  • Chemical services and hairstyles (coloring and relaxing)
  • Hair treatments
  • Henna and Jagua 

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